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May 21, 2003 12:41 PM

The Number One BEST Thai Restaurant in NYC

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Where is THE BEST - 4 Star - Thai Restaurant in NYC?

Price does not matter. I want to experience the ultimate in Thai cuisine.

Can anyone help me??????

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  1. Im not very fond of the thai restuarants in the city but I belive that the best thai restuarant I've eaten out of brooklyn queens and manhattan is Joya in Brooklyn on Court st. and Warren st. the food is the best in town.

    1. it's not fancy, but the best IMO is Wondee Siam on
      9th ave between 53rd and 54th street.

      1. This was my same question. My husband and I loved Tuk Tuk on Smith Street, and were dismayed to see it closed down. We have tried other local cobble hill/carroll gardens thai spots, lemongrass, joya, and a couple of others. but none were as good--in our estimation, it goes without saying. any others people love?

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          Tuk Tuk is still turning out yummy food in LIC - take 7 to Vernon/Jackson

        2. It's Sripraphai in Woodside. Do a search on chowhound and google. Most discussed Restaurant in Queens.

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            This is definitely the best. I first found it through Chowhound back when Jim Leff was running the site (about 10 years ago, I think).

          2. in manhattan, Holy Basil pops up quite a lot. Delicately balanced flavors, nice place to bring a date or go with a bunch of friends. I'm hooked on their Duck spring rolls. Yum! Great wine list too, might I add.