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Mar 4, 2003 02:07 PM

best indian restaurant?

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what are people's opinions on where to get the best indian food in new york? i have enjoyed dawat, vatan, haveli and cafe madras... what else?

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  1. Diwan. Many have been raving about it. I haven't been yet, but it's definitely on my "go to" list. And, btw, Grimes at the New York Times recently wrote a positive review, giving it two stars.

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      Have been to Diwan 4 times. Food is excellent, frankly everything is excellent, plenty of room around the tables, service. It's really expensive. Best off going to Jackson Diner in Queens. Same quality, 1/2 the price.

    2. Try the lamb chops or the chicken lazeez,or for that matter any of the dishes at Tamarind on 22nd Street. One of the best Indian restaurants in NYC.

      1. After 20 years of shopping at Bloomingdales and ending up eating pizza on 57th, I just discovered one of the best Indian restaurants in the city right down the block: Chola at 232 E. 58th. The buffet lunch is high at $13.95 but really delicious with the waiters carrying out hot breads and stuffed crepe thingys and unusual sauces. The waiter told me I'd appreciate the Sat/Sun brunch when they have many different specialties. They even give you a little card that they punch and you get a meal free after 5 visits. The new Brick Lane Curry House down on East 6th street, although nothing much to look at, provided me with one of the best, freshest tasting vegetable curries I've ever had, they are unusual and care about the food. And when you're in a hurry, Curry in a Hurry on Lexington is really great for takeout...all the cabbies eat there.

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          I agree. Chola has a terrific all-you-can eat lunch buffet. I enjoy the food, the ambiance, and the service. IMO, even though it's $13.95 for lunch, it's a better value than what's offered on East 6th Street or in the East 20s. When I leave, I feel satisfied and the wait staff really pampers you.

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            I second Chola. I personally think it is WAY better than Spicy Mina's (the chowhound favorite across these boards). The vegetarian dishes are sublime, which is a weak spot in most NY Indian places. I always order much more than I or my wife can eat to try many things (she hates that I do that because it is so expensive). On that note, my one criticism of Chola is the price. Indian should not be that expensive, like Mexican, it should be a downscale item. I have a hard time with any cuisine other than European shooting for those prices. As Eurocentric as I am on this issue, and understanding NY real estate, it still seems wrong and seems like greedy overkill.

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            Personally, Chola blows Tabla away. I base that off the texture of the breads and veg dishes. They do have good sauces though.

          2. cafe spice on university has lovely food. i also love the okra masala at curry leaf on lexington in the 20s.

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              Ditto. Cafe Spice is marvelous. Try the Malai Korma and the Marsala ka gosht. Cafe Spice and Banjara are my top choices for Indian.