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Mar 2, 2003 12:17 PM

Where is NYC's best antipasto plate?

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Of a Sunday afternoon, for my money, nothing tastes better than an authentic Italian antipasto plate for two, lingered over with a glass of wine or an ice-cold pint of draft beer.

But I'm finding it difficult to locate a great antipasto plate in NYC.

To be specific, when I say antipasto plate, I mean those artists' palettes served up by creative chefs with a little bit of everything -- from the best prosciuttos and cheeses and olives to tuna and capers and marinated onions and pickles and -- well you name it, just a plate of complementary flavors to nibble on with some good crusty bread.

Can any chowhound help me? I am on the UES, but would venture pretty much anywhere in Manhattan or to Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens or Williamsburg if someone told me that was the place to go. (I already love Acqua Santa in W'burg for dinner but I haven't noticed a great antipasto plate on their menu).


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  1. Howdy, Holly:
    I think the antipasti at Lupa may be what you're looking for. Go with a friend or, even better, a bunch of friends and share things family style. The wine list is superb and affordable.

    In my book, the affetati piccolo (small cured meats platter) and the frutti di mare piccolo plus a bottle or two of Tocai (Scarbolo) is perfect for a leisurely lunch.

    I've enclosed a link to the menu so you can check it out.


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      I second Steve's recommendation of Lupa for fabulous antipasti plates. I've had both the meat and fish antipasti and enjoyed them immensely. The vegetable assortments look excellent, too, but I haven't tried them, since I don't go frequently and when I do, I crave the meat and fish.


    2. it ain't lupa, but on the UES, trattoria pesce & pasta has surprisingly good antipasti. 3rd ave bet 87th and 88th sts.

      1. I like to pick and choose antipasto at: Trattoria Dell Arte on 57th Street & 7th Avenue across from Carnegie Hall and Fiorello on Broadway around 63rd Street across from Lincoln Center. Both restaurants offer an array of grilled vegetables and mixed seafood antipasto.

        1. 'ino has an amazing antipasto