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Feb 25, 2003 04:02 PM

Best Bloody Mary in Manhattan (serious research)

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Where can I find it? Why is it so good?
Thanks in advance,

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  1. I am by no means a connoisseur, so I haven't scoured the city to find out...but East 4th Street Bar (at 2nd Ave) makes a good one.

    The heat is just right, nice balance of ingredients, fresh celery (for a bar), etc.

    Been to Prune, but not for brunch. Have heard from those who have that the bloodies are solid.

    1. My favorite is Great Jones, the Cajun place on Great Jones (3rd Street, really) between Bowery and Lafayette: the right mix of lime flavor, horseradish, tomato juice, etc. A runner-up would be the Cubby Hole, the bar on 4th Street and, I think, 11th Street or Bank or something like that.

      If you expand your inquiry to the boroughs, Madiba, the South African restaurant in Fort Greene on DeKalb and Carlton, has a nice brunch with tasty Bloody Marys.

      1. The Blarney Rock 137 Wesst 33rd (between 7th and Broadway ), makes a great Bloody Mary, either vodka or tequila.

        1. If you like them spicy, go to Nirvana on Central Park South.
          It is an Indian restaurant located in a penthouse of a residential building. Hence, stellar views.

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            Oh no! Stay away from Nirvana! Way overpriced, mediocre food. Though I must admit I haven't had the bloody mary. I highly recommend the wonderful, spicy Masala Mary at Tabla--another overpriced restaurant, but the downstairs bread bar is cheaper and the food is very good, too.

          2. 7B has an excellent one, depending on the bartender. Don't know his name, but one guy in particular makes them differently - he uses wasabi instead of horseradish, which gives them creamy taste. The others are good as well - it's the same mix, just no wasabi; good heat level and a nice brownish dark red.

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            1. re: ADB

              You have highlighted one of my pet peeves as both a bar manager and a bar customer: places that don't standardize their drink recipes.

              When I walk into a bar the second time I should know EXACTLY what my drink should taste like (assumming I have the same thing I had the first time) because every bartender in the place should be using the same ingredients and the same recipe.

              There are probably thousands of Bloody Mary recipes, and they all have their fans. All a bar has to do is pick one, teach it to their staff, and make sure they follow it. A bartender wants to be creative? Let him invent a new drink, with a new name, not digress from what the rest of the staff is doing. And if his recipe for a Bloody Mary is really better he should take it up with management and convince them that everyone should do it HIS way.

              1. re: Deven Black

                Thanks, Deven. I have to totally agree. Inconsistency in a bar/restaurant is inexcusable.

              2. re: ADB

                If you like them made with wasabi, I like the one at AZ, on west 17th street which has wasabi and a japanese sho-chu instead of vodka.