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Feb 3, 2003 01:10 PM

Best Burgers

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With all this talk about the best burgers in town, I'd like to stick in my 2 cents worth. I'm origionally from the Midwest, beef country, where my father had his own meat market and I used to eat raw hamburger just after it was freshly ground. A good burger should be able to stand by itself without any fancy condiments or other alterations. For my money, the best I've found are at Jackson Hole where the flavor is consistant, the amount satisfying and the price reasonable.

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  1. PETE'S WATERFRONT ALE HOUSE on atlantic or CORNER BISTRO in the village make better burgers than JACKSON HOLE by far imo, tho the JH burgers are pretty good too. as a wildcard, i've yet to try LUGER'S for a burger, but i am intrigued to give it a go.

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      Bob Martinez

      The Waterfront Ale House has a Manhattan location as well on 2nd Ave. and 30th St. See below. How do Ale House burgers compare with Jackson Holes'? The adjective that most applies to JH is "big". For the AH - "good".


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        Corner Bistro's Bistro Burger, to be exact, is the best burger in the city. The Bistro has bacon on it that's deep-fried. Can't get much better than that.

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          Plus, there are the fries that are fried in the same oil as the bacon and retains some of the flavor.

          I definitely vote for the Bistro, even above most of the $30+ burgers I've tried in the city.

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        Agreement - Corner Bistro is multiples better vs. Jackson Hole. Not as big and so much more flavor!

      3. Jackson Hole seems to be a franchise. The original one I went to was the proverbial hole in the wall on 64th Street between 2nd & 3rd Ave. They had cowboy posters on the wall from different movies and it worked at the time. However, various locations popped up afterwards and some I found to be glorified Greek diners.

        The worst Jackson Hole I had a burger at was on 34th Street & 3rd Ave. Big, sloppy and pre-grilled. Yuk. All that meat and no flavor. When I told the manager I didn't enjoy the burger because it was pre-cooked, he said "well, was it cooked the way you wanted it?" Duh, no it wasn't. I told him I'd never go back there and I haven't. That particular Jackson Hole IMO is a joke.

        1. Years ago I had the burger tartare at Jackson Hole (yes, it was a completely raw burger - they probably don't serve it anymore). It was horrible. I don't doubt that their cooked burgers taste great because there's tons of fat in the raw product.

          1. To be honest, I don't like Jackson Hole's burgers. I recently had a very good one at the bar of Keens Steakhouse.

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            1. re: Ed

              Try Wollensky's Grill. They use fillet tips to make the burger and at 10 bucks, it's a bargain. It's huge too and comes with a few steak fries. Yum.

              1. re: Eric K.

                It's been a while, but I finally tried the burger at Wollensky's Grill and I agree, it was the best I've had, well worth it. I'm glad we ordered a side of creamed spinach because the token 3 (3!) fries probably wouldn't have been enough even though the burger is big.Thanks for the recommendation.

            2. IMO Blue 9 has an unbeatable bang-for-the-buck burger. Of course, you can't mention it without someone comparing it to In 'n' Out Burger. This is fair in the sense that it is a great reproduction of the latter, unfair in the sense that it sets it up for failure by comparison. Too many people, I think, are panning it in order to maintain some sort of west coast cred. Who knows?

              Basically, it's pretty damn good. If you are from CA, AZ, or NV and you miss your In 'n' Out heroin, then Blue 9 will make for solid methadone.

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              1. re: Gregg

                i like blue 9 too. you can get it with sauteed onions, and the fry sauce is pretty tasty. really cheap, really good. maybe not in the same league as some of the others listed but good when you don't want table service.