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Jan 4, 2003 04:45 PM

Best crackers for cheese

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I find many packaged crackers to be disappointing. Carr's is bland and others fall apart under the cheese. And then there are those crackers that are so filled with preservatives that I don't even buy them.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I like Ak-Maks. They're fairly sturdy whole wheat wafers topped with sesame seeds. Preservative-free. They're on the large side, even when you break off a scored section, so I break them further into halves or thirds for cheese.

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      Triscuits low sodium crackers are good. (must be low sodium -- all other Triscuits are too salty)

      And Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins -- the large ones, not the mini-crackers.

      Both of these brands are owned by the giant Kraft Foods Inc. I wait for sales at the supermarket and stock up.

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        i second the ak-maks. they list butter as an ingredient though they hardly taste buttery or seem oily in a way that would compete with cheese. overall i think the butter just makes them a little crisper than a whole wheat cracker usually would be. only drawback is that whole wheat can get rancid so find a good source and/or don't be afraid to open a box in the store: i do it all the time. :)

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          Stoned wheat thins (red oval). Toast them for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees (I do mine in the toaster oven) and they are perfect. Great with cheddar/swiss type cheeses, and really nice for dips (i.e. tuna or brandade types).

        2. I think good cheese deserves good bread; crackers are for chowder and birds.

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            I dig off of Pepperidge Farms Distinctive Hearty Wheat Crackers

            1. Cheese on crackers??? Please. Bread only.

              1. Have you tried Jacob's cream crackers? They're a flaky cracker designed especially for cheese. Made in britain but you should be able to find an importer. Personally I find Jacobs a bit too filling - prefer Carr's table water so I can eat more cheese and less cracker (the cheese being the more important thing - sometimes I skip the cracker entirely).

                On a side note, jacobs are so dry and flakey that a common challenge (at charity events at school etc) was to eat 3 of them in a minute without drinking water. A lot harder than you'd think.