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Best crackers for cheese

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I find many packaged crackers to be disappointing. Carr's is bland and others fall apart under the cheese. And then there are those crackers that are so filled with preservatives that I don't even buy them.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I like Ak-Maks. They're fairly sturdy whole wheat wafers topped with sesame seeds. Preservative-free. They're on the large side, even when you break off a scored section, so I break them further into halves or thirds for cheese.

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      Triscuits low sodium crackers are good. (must be low sodium -- all other Triscuits are too salty)

      And Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins -- the large ones, not the mini-crackers.

      Both of these brands are owned by the giant Kraft Foods Inc. I wait for sales at the supermarket and stock up.

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        i second the ak-maks. they list butter as an ingredient though they hardly taste buttery or seem oily in a way that would compete with cheese. overall i think the butter just makes them a little crisper than a whole wheat cracker usually would be. only drawback is that whole wheat can get rancid so find a good source and/or don't be afraid to open a box in the store: i do it all the time. :)

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          Stoned wheat thins (red oval). Toast them for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees (I do mine in the toaster oven) and they are perfect. Great with cheddar/swiss type cheeses, and really nice for dips (i.e. tuna or brandade types).

        2. I think good cheese deserves good bread; crackers are for chowder and birds.

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            I dig off of Pepperidge Farms Distinctive Hearty Wheat Crackers

            1. Cheese on crackers??? Please. Bread only.

              1. Have you tried Jacob's cream crackers? They're a flaky cracker designed especially for cheese. Made in britain but you should be able to find an importer. Personally I find Jacobs a bit too filling - prefer Carr's table water so I can eat more cheese and less cracker (the cheese being the more important thing - sometimes I skip the cracker entirely).

                On a side note, jacobs are so dry and flakey that a common challenge (at charity events at school etc) was to eat 3 of them in a minute without drinking water. A lot harder than you'd think.


                1. Matzos (available from the kosher section of the supermarket) have a satisfying wheatiness and a good crunch and because they're a nice large size you just break off as much as you need at any one time.

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                    Are you serious??? Matzos?? yuk. haha, that's just me.

                  2. Try a baguette. You may never return to crackers.

                    1. I love the all Natural Grainsfirst crackers from Dare Foods they are all natural taste great and sturdy enough to hold cheese either soft or hard!

                      1. Guide to finding and eating the Yummiest Cheese Crackers on the market:
                        Step 1 - Go to Walgreens.
                        Step 2 - Purchase the "Nice!" brand Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers.
                        Step 3 - Chow down.
                        Step 4 - Repeat steps 1 through 3.

                        ...but seriously -- these things rock. They cost less than most other brands, and they really have that "sharp" cheddar taste. Mmm!!

                        1. Sometimes only bread will do. Other times TJs social crackers or WFs olive oil and sea salt crackers under the cheese section(they will hold up to any cheese).

                          1. Bath Oliver. Imported. Plain, sturdy, not "short."

                            1. Rare is the cracker I don't like, although I'm not wild about Ryvita (like biting into shale), and Chick-n-a-Biscuit are not appropriate for cheese. I don't like Sociables either. Aside from that, any cracker, any cheese.

                                1. I like crusty bread (not everyday loaves), but when I don't have any I like Socials crackers. Unfortunately the groceries around here have quit carrying them.

                                  1. I find it hard to beat good old-fashioned Ritz crackers with cheese (although really nice bread works too).

                                    1. I love Stoned Wheat Thins by Nabisco. Great for soft or firm cheeses; sturdy, tasty and not too salty.

                                      1. The Stoned Wheat crackers have been our hands-down favorite for many years now. Whle the "low-sodium" ones taste like styrofoam to me, the regular ones are just perfect - & really are not overly salty. Certainly not too salty to interfere with the cheese.

                                        1. I like water crackers. I buy the house brand at the local gourmet market. I like gluten free seed crackers as well. I am not gluten intolerant, I just think they are great with cheese. We use sea salt melba toast for creamy cheeses.

                                          1. Bremner's, the cheese is the star of the show. The cracker or bread, just a neutral vehicle to get the cheese where its going.