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Nov 24, 2002 02:06 PM

Best New York State Red Wine

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I am interested in trying the various wines grown right here in New York State. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some decent New York reds for me to try and their producers. I just had a Pinot Noir from Brotherhood Winery that I enjoyed.

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  1. We just bought a few bottles of Long Island red yesterday.

    All from Pindar:
    1998 Cabernet Franc
    1997 Mythology
    1999 Syrah
    Sweet Scarlet
    1999 Beaujolais

    We also bought a bottle of their 1996 Cuvee Rare Champagne. Nice and dry.


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    1. re: LB

      All through the years (about 20 give or take)
      Bedell Cellars Merlot and Merlot Reserve
      is the best NY State wine, for a single year
      their might be others that are better
      but year in and year out...

    2. Go to a wine store called Vintage New York downtown. They sell only wines produced in New York State. They're also open on Sundays.

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      1. re: Nina

        I've been to Vintage New York and LOVED it! I tried a few reds from Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

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          There is a new Vintage on the east side of Broadway around 93 St. or so, also open Sundays. They offer tastings at very reasonable prices, and it often includes free samples of savories or chocolate.

          Maybe I just had bad luck, but I didn't like any of the five wines I sampled.

        2. Anthony Road (at the Greenmarket, Union Square, on Saturdays) from the finger lakes makes great wines--great cab franc. Also wonderful dry reisling (gone for the year, check back in late spring) and chardonnay.
          Try it!

          1. Of the Hudson Valley Wines made near me (Cascade, Millbrook, Brotherhood, Alison, Clinton), I like Millbrook Reserve Chardonnay. That's not to say its my favorite wine or that I think the price is a good deal--in general Hudson Valley wines cost a lot more than their European equivalents, but it's a good, tasty Chardonnay, and I prefer it over their reds.

            BTW, a great summer rec is the evening outdoor jazz series at Millbrook Vineyards, food provided by Allyn's I think. All you need is a chair and some decent wineglasses.

            1. The Schneider Vinyards Cabernet Franc I had 2 years ago was excellent. Back then, a bottle went for $20.00. I saw a bottle last week at Vintage in Soho selling for $28.00. Is it worth $28.00 - I can't say. It's hard to imagine a $28.00 St. Emillion (I know, different grapes, mostly) not kicking it's ass. Still, it's nice to support our local growers.

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              1. re: Christopher

                I agree that Schneider has the best Cab Franc.

                Although there is a lot of noise that Long Island wines are getting much better, I think most are easy drinking summer wines. There are many whites with little oak (most americans like lots of oak) and that makes for a great crisp summer white. Also most of the merlots are pretty simple and medium bodied, also ok during the warm summer months. The trick is to stay under $20 for the whites and merlots.

                1. re: Christopher

                  Count another vote for the Schneider Cab Franc. Actually, I think it is an excellent wine. Had a dinner for about 10 people at Judson Grill, with a variety of dishes, and this was a smash hit. Medium-to-full bodied, nice structure without tannic bite, good finish.