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Oct 3, 2002 12:43 AM

Best Soppresatta

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After years of trying soppresatta (a dried Italian sausage for non-foodies) in the Five Boroughs, New Jersey, Chicago and (gasp) Miami, I can honestly say that the best I ever had is from Piazza Mercato, a recently opened Italian Gourmet market on 3rd Avenue, between 93rd and 92nd Street (next to Starbucks), in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Owned by the Generoso family of Royal Crown Bakery and Paneantico fame, they make it fresh everyday, along with a full line meat products (so far, I have only tried their sausages). Although much of their product line is pricey, the Soppresatta is comparable to other markets I've been to in Brooklyn and the Bronx, but leaves all competition in the dust. Try to get their by any means possible, as the trip is worth it!

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    Michele Cindy

    I've had 2 very good soppresattas, one at Russo's on E 11th St. and the other which was slightly better at the butcher on the corner of 9th Ave. and 38th St. (the name escapes me at the moment). I get the spicy version.

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      Mark DiBlasi

      "They make it fresh every day?" It's supposed to air dry/age/ripen. What do you mean?

      1. re: Mark DiBlasi

        Sorry, I should have clarified: They do make it fresh on a regular basis and it is subsequently "aged" in the manner you described.

        1. re: guidopolack

          The salamis they have hanging on top of
          the counter at biancardis meats on
          arthur ave could play ball with anyone

          1. re: byrd

            I haven't tried to compare but the soppressata at Calabria Pork Store on Arthur Ave is really good. I have seen them stuffing it and the store is filled with moldy aging sausages hanging overhead--great place!

      2. re: Michele Cindy

        Do you mean Salmuria Bellsomething on 28th and 9th or the pork store, Cuzins, on 38th and 9th, or Manganaro Grocery on 9th between 37th and 38th?

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        Erica Marcus

        I'm looking forward to making my way out to Piazza Mercato. In the meantime, the best sopprasatta I've had it as Pastosa on Court Street. I like it better than the very good sopprasatta they make next door at Esposito. I think it's the same sopprassata sold by Lou diPalo in the city.

        1. Can you provide the address and phone number of Royal Crown bakery in Brooklyn? Do you know if they mail breads outside of NY

          1. Faicco's (sp?) on Bleeker Street has very good sweet and hot sopressata; I recommend it

            1. I'm a big fan of Calabria's in the Bronx (Mike's Deli in the Arthur market also has good salumi), but I've also been very pleasantly surprised by the "artisanal" sweet soppressata made by Fra' Mani (California) and sold at Fairway. Very tasty - try it sliced thin (and the rest of the line of Fra'Mani products is equally good).