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Aug 7, 2002 08:46 AM

Best Lox?

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Looking for some recommentdations for the best lox in the city?

Generally, I prefer less smoky tasting...

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  1. My favorite is at Russ & Daughters, on Houston St.

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    1. re: Nina

      I think that the best lox for the money is Fairway. I agree that Murray's is The Best (and I've been to all of the others).

      1. re: Nina

        i think the best are zabars, murrays, and russ and daugters. I still remember murrays western nova being top notch but i havent been there for a long time.

      2. Have you tried the Norwegian gravlax at Balducci's ? (don't forget to ask for the dill-mustard sauce)

        1. Zabar's is my favorite.

          1. I'm surprised no one has recommend "Barney Greengrass" on the Upper West Side. (82nd and Columbus I think.) I've only been there once, but I've been under the impression that they are renowned for their fish, especially their Nova and true, salty, Lox.


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            1. re: Insatiable

              I'd agree with your recommendation, but that address is waayyy off. Barney's is on Amsterdam between 86th and 87th. And yeah, they're on vacation at the moment.

              Murrays is on b-way between 89th and 90th...or was it btwn 88th and 89th? I don't of the two.

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                Barney Greengrass is renowned for its salmon and apparently was once very good. Maybe thirty years ago. It isn't any more. Try Murray's at 90th and Broadway.

              2. Murray's Sturgeon on Broadway in the 90s

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                  murray's sturgeon,2429 broadway ia the best