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Mac 'n Cheese

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Any opinions on the best Mac 'n Cheese in NYC? Thanks!

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  1. don/t know about the best - but had a version of takeout from Good -n- Plenty next to the original Little Pie COmpany on W.43rd last week that was very yummy.

    1. I like it at City Bakery.

      1. Chat n Chew, a plus is the crunchy/burnt bread crump topping.

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          Just as an FYI: I worked for two days as a counterperson at Chat n Chew about three years ago and the place was filthy. I mean grimy and greasy behind the scenes. Dirty enough that I wouldn't continue working there and I've worked in more than a few restaurants in NYC.

        2. i love the mac n cheese at maroon's in chelsea. they use very flavorful cheeses and it's cooked just right.

          maroon's is a great place all around. fantastic drinks, very good food, nice setting, not very expensive. check it out!

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            I second MAROON'S for fine mac'n'cheese...also try CAFETERIA (corner of 17th & 7th) in Chelsea. It's rich, creamy, and very flavorful...more fontina than cheddar.

          2. Decadent and wonderful at the Canal House, Soho Grand Hotel, crispy, creamy, dreamy.

            1. I like the Pink Teacup in the West Village. The mac n' cheese is deliciously life-shortening, like most of their food.

              1. I'm not a huge fan of mac & cheese, but really liked it at Michael Jordan's The Steak House, where they combine cheddar, gorgonzola, parmesan and sour cream..... added bread crumbs give it a nice texture.

                1. Leshko's in the east village! Or Good in the west village.

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                    Leshko's by now is long since gone and replaced by Yuca Bar.

                  2. I have tried many of the mac & cheeses listed and they are good. But the mac & cheese at Amy Ruth's in Harlem is in a different class all together. In fact they should call all others macaroni & cheese and leave the name 'mac & cheese' reserved just for Amy Ruth's.

                    1. i liked it at Fred's on Amsterdam or Broadway near 80th or so.

                      1. The Mac and Cheese and Chat N Chew is gross. Its like Kraft with cheese on top. Bubby's in Tribeca has good Mac and Cheese. I also like City Bakery and Whole Foods.

                        1. if you're willing to venture to Williamsburg, the best mac and cheese i've ever had is at Dumont and Dumont burger. it's rich and thick and has yummy bacon pieces in it. it's also shallow enough that you get that nice crispness with almost every bite. it's incredible.

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                            I second this--one order is almost too much for a single person to finish - I usually have to share it because it is so rich and hearty. The only thing I would change is the noodles - I prefer mine al dente, but I'm probably in the minority. Otherwise, it's perfect - you can actually taste the cheese unlike the other places I've been to it's not some condensed brick of orange macaroni. An order of mac & cheese with one of their burgers is about the best comfort food I know.

                          2. La Petite Abeille on 20th Street has a really rich and savory mac 'n cheese, with crusty cheese on top. You'll walk out ten pounds heavier, though..

                            1. Diner 24, 15 and 8th is pretty good. the best i have found in chelsea

                              1. Mac and cheese preferences are very personal it seems bc firstly people either prefer the creamy, loose, type or the casserole, sliceable one and then there are people's taste in cheese... I'm in the creamy camp and I like the version at Shelly's and actually I recently had it at Savannah steak and it was delicious. I hadnt been to Savannah in a few years because it was so uneven food and service wise. They completely changed the mac which was a souffle (also great) to a more normal one. It was still great.

                                1. I love the M&C at Westville and at Blue Smoke. Also, Murray's Cheese has several great take-out versions. I thought s'mac was good, but not great. Sauce was too thin and the macaroni itself was overdone -- too soft.

                                  1. Can't claim it's the best but in Brooklyn Maggie Brown's on Myrtle Avenue has some good Mac n Cheese as well as Dumont's in Williamsburgh

                                    1. Has anyone tried the new place on 1st ave called S'mac? All different kinds of mac n' cheese...wanted to know what people thought.

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                                        there are a few replys on menupages and hey are generally mixed. great idea though and I hope they do well.

                                      2. the islands - on washington between lincoln and eastern parkway in brooklyn - right next to the museum/library/botanical gardens - has amazing mac and cheese.

                                        1. Always been a fan of Cafeteria's.

                                          1. yes..there is a new place on 12th st. right off of 1st ave next to cafe leon..or near there..they have a website smacnyc.com or you can check out there menu and some feedback at menupages.com..haven't been yet but interesting idea...

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                                              I went to S'mac a couple weeks ago... it's not the best I've had. Everything sounds good on the menu but it's definitely lacking in the cheese. Too bad, I want the place to be really good!

                                            2. I enjoy Dumont Burgers rendition, although I have found it to actually be better after I have taken it home and reheated it the next day, go figure. However I will def b checking out these suggestion as I find the vast majority of Mac n Cheese in the city to be horrible at best, this especially goes for Amy Ruths version

                                              1. Also in Williamsburg, I enjoy Relish's Mac n' cheese. My wife and I share it as an appetizer. How glutonuous, right?

                                                1. Duke's (around the corner from City Crab on Park Ave south) is quite good for the ol' cheesy casserole.

                                                  1. I have to recommend the mac and cheese at Home Restaurant on Cornelia Street. The small size is enough for one very guilt-ridden session (and is probably crispier on top than the large).