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Jun 20, 2002 07:50 PM

Mac 'n Cheese

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Any opinions on the best Mac 'n Cheese in NYC? Thanks!

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  1. don/t know about the best - but had a version of takeout from Good -n- Plenty next to the original Little Pie COmpany on W.43rd last week that was very yummy.

    1. I like it at City Bakery.

      1. Chat n Chew, a plus is the crunchy/burnt bread crump topping.

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        1. re: ultbil

          Just as an FYI: I worked for two days as a counterperson at Chat n Chew about three years ago and the place was filthy. I mean grimy and greasy behind the scenes. Dirty enough that I wouldn't continue working there and I've worked in more than a few restaurants in NYC.

        2. i love the mac n cheese at maroon's in chelsea. they use very flavorful cheeses and it's cooked just right.

          maroon's is a great place all around. fantastic drinks, very good food, nice setting, not very expensive. check it out!

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            I second MAROON'S for fine mac'n'cheese...also try CAFETERIA (corner of 17th & 7th) in Chelsea. It's rich, creamy, and very flavorful...more fontina than cheddar.

          2. Decadent and wonderful at the Canal House, Soho Grand Hotel, crispy, creamy, dreamy.