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Apr 23, 2002 02:20 AM

San Francisco

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I'm heading to San Francisco for a week to eat & play and a friend said a restaurant called ANZU? was the best in the city...any one heard of this...I can't find anything out about it--do you have any other suggestions?

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  1. There is a small French restaurant just off of Union Square called Anjou, could that be it? Certainly not the best restaurant in SF, but a cute interior and good food.

    1. Anzu is a restaurant in the Hotel Nikko. You might have better luck if you ask for opinions about it on the SF Bay Area board here on Chowhound.


      1. I live in SF and haven't heard much local buzz about it. However here's are links to SFGATE (the local newspaper review) and citysearch ( which I like because reader reviews are posted. Because this is in a hotel, my guess is that many of the reader reviews are from tourists rather than locals.

        I second the suggestion to post to the SF Bay Board. I didn't see you there yet. Let us know if you are looking for sushi or steak, as Anzu seems to specialize in both. There's was recently a discussion about steakhouses on the SF board. Also, there are a few steakhouses near the new PAC Bell baseball park, a truly lovely park.

        Have a great time in the city. Do get out of the hotels though and do some local mingling.


        1. Try Crustacean, not sure of the address, but I believe that it's just outside of Chinatown, it's upstairs from a funky store, looks weird from the outside, but it's incredible! I believe it's a fusion of Vietnamese and CA. cooking. Highly recommended is the Dungeness Crab in butter garlic sauce starting with mussells in butter garlic sauce. If you feel extravagant order the Kistler Chardonny. I have taken several people there, all have enjoyed. Make a reservation, before you go if possible.
          Several years ago (97') I ate at the Ritz Carlton, had the tasting menu, another exceptional experience.
          Anyway SF is filled with great places to eat, so enjoy