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Mar 27, 2002 07:54 AM

Who does the best soup dumplings?

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I had no idea that anyone in Manhattan served them besides Joe's Shanghai and then I read below that Tang Pavillion makes them.

So, who does them the best?



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  1. my personal favorite is
    joe's shanghai.
    order nothing else there.

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    1. re: christina

      oooohhh. I disagree. you can enjoy the other food at joe's shanghai--at least.. i ordered something by accident was shreddded beef with salted pepper and jalepeno's-- it was A---mazing!!!

      i like their soup dumplings but not love them. I discovered the soup dumpling in hong kong and haven't found an equal in nY yet. i ill be checking out the places everyone is writing about

      1. re: christina

        i like their fried white fish you dip in salt and pepper!

        1. re: christina

          joe's shanghai has fabulous soup dumplings, but if you venture out to downtown flushing queens (last stop on the 7 train - main street), "chen & chan" has the most amazing ones i've tasted. joe's shanghai also serves this particular kind of noodle that's unique and delicious; i forget the name.

        2. Akiko, Shanghai cuisine is "in" at the moment, so there are lots of sources for soup dumplings. Some others that come to mind are New Green Bo and Evergreen. There are a couple of other Shanghai places in that same Chinatown neighborhood. You might try a search of these boards. They are also increasingly found at non-Shanghai places such as GSI, but I would not get them there.

          Pat G.

          1. I did the Leonard Lopate show once and asked him where he went (because he used to live in Chinatown). He swore by Shanghai Cuisine (next to Evergreen I think) and I have to say the dumplings are fantastic. Every bit as good as Joe's I think, without the crowd around the block. They also make a wonderful sticky rice full of gooey pork in the middle, for only like $2.50. Before I had a baby I used to go once a week to pick some up and steam them for my lunches. (I live in Brooklyn).


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            1. re: sheri holman

              I second that! Shanghai Gourmet's soup dumplings feel lighter than elsewhere and have a taste that's just so ... fresh. I could eat a ton.

              Actually, Evergreen's are damn good, too.


              1. re: sheri holman

                Yes, Shanghai Cuisine has the best. I haven't been in ages but always loved their soup buns and their sticky rice with red bean for dessert. Never really explored the rest of the menu much. Any other recs?


                1. re: iron frank

                  You say this after trying the soup dumplings at Tang Pavilion?

                  They're not flashy. They're low-profile, unjazzy, and ungoosed with grease. They're plain old pork, with nary a speck of crab. But they are, in my view, an entirely classier cut of soup dumpling.

                  of course, every hound's entitled to his/her opinion!


                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    I loved the greaselessness of the filling at Tang Pavillion but I think the dough is more delicate at Shanghai Cuisine. But this is only from memory. I'll have to eat there one more time to judge for sure.

                    Has anyone had their eel?


                    1. re: iron frank

                      Your Ferrousness,

                      I think I know what you're saying. A lesser soup dumpling has a certain hardness in the skin. The ones with softer, meltier skin, tend to easily break, however.

                      The thing I really dig about Tang Pavilion is that the skin is firm enough to obviate breakage, yet they are nonetheless highly oral-degradable. In other words, they do it ALL.

                      I'd really implore you to go back and try them again. In my opinion, Tang Pavillion's soup dumplings are not just a little better than the others in town; I think they're leagues better. But it's all about balance and subtle skill and care, so their majesty is not immediately noticeable. Without all the grease, you have to really take your time and taste deeply. With the firmness of skin, you need not to flash back to bad hard dumpling memories. Like hearing Charlie Parker after hearing 90 awful Charlie Parker clones, there's baggage to be unloaded in order to fully appreciate the real thing.

                      On the other hand....if you really like the other dumplings better (even after consideration of the above), that's certainly cool by me! I'm just pleading the case...


                      1. re: Jim Leff

                        Tang Pavilion at 65 West 55th Street/Midtown?

                        1. re: wrayb

                          Yup. It's my current fascination. Much as I love New Green Bo, this is the real deal for stately, careful Shanghai cooking.

                      2. re: iron frank

                        Went to Tang Pavilion and Joe's Shanghai last night with 5 people.

                        3 preferred Tang and 2 preferred Joe's.

                        I preferred Joe's, and think the food is better and cheaper at Joe's in Flushing or Chinatown, rather than the 56th St location.

                  2. re: sheri holman

                    Are you talking about Shanghai Gourmet?Shanghai Cuisine is on Bayard & Mulberry.Shanghai Gourmet is on Mott,a few stores south from Evergreen.These two restaurants make completely different soup dumplings.

                    1. re: Aki
                      sheri holman

                      Sorry about that, I personally meant Shanghai Gourmet on Mott. I had the dumplings at Shanghai Cuisine long ago and I remember them being very good too.

                      Someone else asked about the eel at Shanghai Cuisine --About three years ago, a Shanghai professor took a group of us there and did all the ordering. She swore by the baby eel in black bean sauce (I think...) It was a long time ago, but I remember it being great and very tender. She also ordered gluten pillow with winter melon (does that sound right?) which was great.


                  3. c
                    Caitlin Wheeler

                    I LOVE them from Shanghai something (soho? Tang? Tide? I feel like the name keeps changing). The restaurant is on Houston and Wooster. Both the regular soup dumplings and the crab and pork soup dumplings are fabulous.

                    1. Goody's on E. Broadway also has them. They are as good as Joe's, and there's rarely a line. Some of their other food is also terrific. I especially love the braised pork shoulder; it's red-cooked and served on a bed of spinach with a wonderful pungent sauce. It's one of the dishes I find myself thinking about longingly at times.

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                      1. re: Cloudy

                        there's also a Goody's in Rego Park, on 63rd Drive, right off of Queens Boulevard (94-03B 63rd Drive) that main little strip of restaurants . . . you can get the soup dumplings to go, and last time I went, they had some incredible deal, like $2 for 8 . . . but I doubt it's still on sale like that . . .

                        1. re: Cloudy

                          second goody's. also like (surprisingly) the grand sichuan on 24th and 9th.