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Sep 15, 2003 02:39 PM

Make your own Bloody Mary bars in the Bay Area?

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Hi, I recently saw online that there were places in the bay area (ie San francisco, Walnut Creek, Berkeley areas) where there are restaurants/bars which have Bloody Mary bars. Has anyone seen one? Where are they? Supposedly they lay out a bunch of Bloody Mary drink items like celery sticks, beans, olives, capers, tobasco, beef broth, lee and perrins, and other salted/pickled bloody mary items. You make your own mix and then I guess they pour the alcohol for you. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
Walking stomache.

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  1. Home: "Those who like a little Sunday brunch pick-me-up can hit the make-your-own-Bloody Mary bar." (Brunch from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.) 2100 Market St. (at Church), (415) 503-0333.

    (this was according to a google search web site on The Castro district)

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    1. re: WLA

      look, i love a good bloody mary as much as the next person but where is the common sense in this? maybe i'm missing something here.

      1. re: k. riot
        walking stomache

        Hi K. riot, You have a point but a bloody mary to me is not like other drinks, ie, long island ice tea, matini. Bloody mary's have so many possibilities and I often find that by being able to control what goes into the drink makes for a very pleasant experience. The drink comes out exactly the way I like it and you add as many or few condiments as you like. I guess its just a fanciful fun way to get a drink. Its not for everyone but I like it.

        WLA: I'll check out the brunch on Market street. Thanks so much for the info!

        1. re: walking stomache

          I have heard the same question from other people about why do I like to grill my own Korean bbq or for those that like sukiyaki, why do that yourself. I remember having a wonderful time at a place near Sydney, Australia called The Oaks in Neutral Bay where you picked out your beef or fish or pork or whatever from a "butchers case" and then grilled it outside on one of their bbq's, and then helped yourself from their salad table and ordered a drink from the bar. It was good fun and you got to do your main course just the way you liked it.

          1. re: WLA

            I know of a great little, undiscovered place, where not only do you fix your own drink and steak, just as you like them, but you get to shop for the ingredients as well.
            The only downside is that you have to wash up afterwards.

            I can do those things at home, for less $$. I go out to eat for someone else to do a better job of cooking, serving and cleaning up than I can.
            But, to each his own taste.

    2. i'd been yearning for a good bloody mary bar the likes of East Coast Grill's in Boston, and was asking people about it last night. They said that Elixir has one, and apparently it is so! Article from SFBG:
      The article says they have a nice selection of pickled vegetables as well: "including pickled green beans, olives, pepperoncini, cocktail onions, lemons, limes, celery, and horseradish".
      The article also discusses similar offerings at Levende and Home. I, for one, am looking forward to the weekend. :)

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      1. re: injust

        You might also try the one at Zeitgeist. I know the guy who wrote that article and he's written about Zeitgeist's as well.

        1. re: Frosty Melon

          Zeitgeist has a Bloody Mary bar? They've always been known for their Bloody Marys but when did they put in a bar?

          1. re: larochelle

            Sorry...I drifted away from the topic of "Bloody Mary bars" into just places that serve good Bloody Mary's. Certainly there is no Bloody Mary bar at Zeitgeist.

            1. re: Frosty Melon

              I must agree, though- Zeitgeist does make a great Bloody Mary.

        2. re: injust

          The staff is really nice. I went for the BMbar but their Sunday bartender makes such an awesome BM, I ended up just adding an extra garnish.

            1. re: injust

              Sorry. Yes I was referring to Elixir.

        3. I don't think you need a "bar". In New Orleans many places have a tray of condiments to make your own seafood cocktail sauce. Could do the same for Bloody Marys.

          1. Elixer aka jacks elixer does a sunday bloody mary bar, its located on guererro at 16th.

            1. YouReeka! (you have found it) although perhaps, Sparks/Reno may be out of range.

              John Asquaga's Nugget Hotel...Lobby Bar by the front desk has something they call a "Bloody Mary Buffet". It is in fact everything you've asked for: condiments, fluids, produce, set up on what looks like an old "Victoria Station Salad Bar" type cart and after buying of a glass of ice with vodka, you're on your own.

              my advice however, much closer, and more perfect than even I can perform (and i am REALLY good at it)...The Mucky Duck off Judah around 8th i think.