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Jan 21, 2002 08:47 AM

Best NY Coffee online and offline

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I know Oren's is good and is both online and off. (Which of theirs is your favorite?)

What other coffee (for home consumption) in NY is considered the 'best' and can it be purchased online? If not, where in the city can it be found?

No Starbucks please. :) Although Duncan Donuts isn't really all that bad.

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  1. Try

    A small roaster in Virginia - very consistently good and amazing varieties.

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    1. re: Amanda

      I'll try all your suggestions.

      Chelsea Market this week. I never thought to try the coffee in the produce store, Howard. I don't know why... save maybe being too absorbed in the mushrooms.

    2. Cafe Bacio(3rd Ave. between 70th and 71st) serves coffee that is distinctive and flavorful. It's not watery or screechingly acidic and does not have the one dimensional heavy taste of Starbuck's, Peet's or the deplorable Cuban style coffee.

      1. Empire Coffee - Ninth Ave/41st St and online has fresh roasts, mucho variety and is pretty reasonably priced.

        A good online source is, a roaster located in KWF with some interesting Havana and Cuban roasts, among others.

        1. I'm personally addicted to the Sumatra coffee that I get at the produce store in the Chelsea Market, which is roasted a little darker than usual (but not as dark as, say, a Vienna roast). It's a pain getting it out of the bin because it's somewhat oily, but the flavor is great. That store has a lot of different coffees, and the price is quite low. (Their bulk spices are also inexpensive....)

          1. Personally I live in Brooklyn and make a commute to Zabar's every couple of weeks for a couple of pounds of their Dark Espresso roast. I have not had better in NYC. While you are there have a double shot of espresso for 1.25 in the attached cafe. Heavenly, if not euphoric, if not slightly intoxicating. Yeah it's that good.