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Best NY Coffee online and offline

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I know Oren's is good and is both online and off. (Which of theirs is your favorite?)

What other coffee (for home consumption) in NY is considered the 'best' and can it be purchased online? If not, where in the city can it be found?

No Starbucks please. :) Although Duncan Donuts isn't really all that bad.

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  1. Try www.centralcoffee.com

    A small roaster in Virginia - very consistently good and amazing varieties.

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      I'll try all your suggestions.

      Chelsea Market this week. I never thought to try the coffee in the produce store, Howard. I don't know why... save maybe being too absorbed in the mushrooms.

    2. Cafe Bacio(3rd Ave. between 70th and 71st) serves coffee that is distinctive and flavorful. It's not watery or screechingly acidic and does not have the one dimensional heavy taste of Starbuck's, Peet's or the deplorable Cuban style coffee.

      1. Empire Coffee - Ninth Ave/41st St and online has fresh roasts, mucho variety and is pretty reasonably priced.

        A good online source is babyscoffee.com, a roaster located in KWF with some interesting Havana and Cuban roasts, among others.

        1. I'm personally addicted to the Sumatra coffee that I get at the produce store in the Chelsea Market, which is roasted a little darker than usual (but not as dark as, say, a Vienna roast). It's a pain getting it out of the bin because it's somewhat oily, but the flavor is great. That store has a lot of different coffees, and the price is quite low. (Their bulk spices are also inexpensive....)

          1. Personally I live in Brooklyn and make a commute to Zabar's every couple of weeks for a couple of pounds of their Dark Espresso roast. I have not had better in NYC. While you are there have a double shot of espresso for 1.25 in the attached cafe. Heavenly, if not euphoric, if not slightly intoxicating. Yeah it's that good.

            1. The best coffee beans in New York City, and this is coming from a person who buys coffee everywhere he sees it just to try something new- is a place called Baruir in Sunnyside Queens- they are located on Queens Blvd & 40th St. (right of the 7 Train, North side of the tracks).
              A cabbie picked me up in that area two years ago right in front of their store. He asked if I'd been there and when I told him "no" he was adamant that I either try the place, or he was turning the cab around. It turned out the guy was a Chowhound, just one without internet access- their coffee is exceptional (I'm talking about their beans here- the coffee setup they have on site for samples is decent, but their beans at home in your own machine are unrivaled). The Columbian Supremo is my personal favorite, but the house blend they put together has won rave reviews from my other food-loving friends.
              The owners are very nice, modest folks. They claim their coffee is good only because they insist on roasting fresh batches every several days, and selling only that fresh coffee to their customers. It shows.
              Espresso freaks- I have have a La Pavoni machine- Baruir's grinders have sharp blades (if you don't have an expensive burr grinder at home), so the texture of their grind is correct for pulling great espresso at home. The shots pour out like a shot of Guiness- thick and perfectly emulsified, setttling out in the cup with that perfect amount of dark, tan, oh-so-wonderful crema every time (like I said- this is great coffee). There could be few better Chowhound-style finds than Baruir.

                1. For coffee beans I go to Port Rico.
                  For my morning espresso doppio I like Lucid Cafe on Lex and 37th.
                  I am a big fan of Dunkin too. It's inexpensive and good, beats Starbuck$$$$$$$$$$ by a mile.
                  At home I have a simple Nespresso machine for my morning doppio. I like the Indrya blend for espresso.
                  My lovely wife often calls me "Doppio". I am not sure if that is a compliment.

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                    I like Porto Rico's French Colombian beans

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                      Porto Rico is incredible. I buy their "Double Nut Fudge" coffee and make a big pitcher of cold press coffee....it tastes like you're drinking chocolate milk.

                    2. You're getting a lot of suggestions for old school coffee roasters, known for selling blends of beans, mostly dark roaster, in bulk.

                      The more celebrated so called "third wave" roasters are a little more hit or miss, but known for selling fresher, more complex coffees. You'll find that most of these also have an online presence too.

                      A good in between suggestions is La Colombe.

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                        BTW the original post is from 2002, so maybe that's why.

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                          Thanks, didn't catch that when it got bumped. That would explain it. NY was limited in coffee offerings back then.

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                            These old posts are disturbing, when you start to reply to someone who no longer comes to CH.
                            In any case, Store bought coffee, I like iLLy. They use quality beans and good consistent roasting. Some of Peet's coffee is good. Porto Rico was always good, but I haven't been there for a while. i used to get Peter's Blend there.
                            --- Coffee places: I like Blue Bottle's coffee, Joe in WV has good coffee, Roasting Plant on Orchard, Laughing Man's Flat white coffee ( has some Sumatra beans in it), Pecan's latte ( i think they use Kobrick's beans),
                            Nespresso for macchiato, or crazy mixtures..
                            -- C store coffee: Royal Farm's Colombian coffee
                            --Store brand: Trader Joe's French Roast
                            Coffee Maker: Jura Capresso the best I've ever used
                            HATE: Keurig ( but easy clean up)

                        2. I buy all my coffee from Bear Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (www.bearmountaincoffeeroasters.com). They are a small roaster in the Hudson Valley and I find their coffee to be consistently special.