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Jan 9, 2002 11:10 PM

Best decaf beans?

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My doctor recommended I reduce my caffeine consumption for a while. Can anyone give me any recommendations for buying decaf coffee beans? I have little decaf experience...Is there a difference in taste? Any opinions on the best? (My hi-test fave is Sulawesi Kalossi.)

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  1. I'm just getting into coffee, while still heavily addicted to tea. I learned something interesting from Alton Brown's "True Brew" episode: good quality decaf beans are usually more expensive than regular beans. Something about how decaffeinating coffee is expensive, and so many companies use inferior beans to keep the overall cost down. I guess a sign of good decaf is that it costs more, meaning that the original beans were of a high quality. Just an interesting tidbit.

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      Dean and Delucca has a great decaf called Mocha Java. It doesn't taste chocolately, but is very rich. Illy also makes good decaf.

    2. Trying to find a market that sells coffee beans in NYC is hardly worth the effort. Try Peets coffee, a westcoast based outlet that has web order at "peets dot com". I order two pounds a month and their Sulawesi-Kalosi rocks. They stamp your package with a roasting date, and it comes practically still warm to your doorstep.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I investigated all of them, but ended up with Decaf Cafe La Semeuse, which is available as whole beans from Balducci's. It's delicious, strong and smooth, and it would probably be my new favorite even if I were still drinking caffienated.

        P.S. Cutting down on caffiene completely eliminated the twitching eye I had developed.