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Nov 10, 2001 05:45 PM

Vegetarian hot dogs

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Looking for a veggie dog that has the taste and texture of the real thing. Tried Yves (okay) and Lightlife Smart deli dogs (really nasty -don't bother)but there's got to be something better than those. Tried to get F&W on West 23rd to tell me what brand they use to no avail. Did hear MorningStar Farms has a new line of veggie sausage/bratwurst products, has anyone tried them? Recommendations please-hot dogs were always one of my major comfort foods and there's got to be a non-meat version out there that's comparable.....

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  1. for a regular dog, try morningstar farms. they also use their dog in a corn dog and corn dog minis.

    for faux polish sausage, try boca.

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    1. re: gary

      morningstar corndogs are the best.

      1. re: doggie

        The Boca Smoked and Bratwurst dogs are the best. Morningstar Farms makes the best breakfast links.

        1. re: doggie

          Morningstar corndogs are amazing. Too bad they have egg in them, which makes my skin react, but still, sometimes it's worth a few scaly rashes. I'd rather have these corn dogs than meat corn dogs. So good.

          --sorry about responding to an ancient post, but I couldn't help myself, they are still that good.

      2. It's Boca that has the new bratwurst, smoked and Italian, and I think they're pretty good (I prefer the Italian, and I think the bratwurst is the most like a regular hot dog. . . but I could be mixing it up with the smoked sausage. (I made a correction to my earlier mispost saying that they were from Morningstar Farms). Look for them in the freezer section where Morningstar Farms stuff usually is.

        1. F&B (23d b/w 7-8) veggie dogs are very disappointing. they didn't know the brand. i'd say nowhere near as good as morningstar dogs.

          1. Just read about a new place called Dawgs on Park, near Tompkins Square Park (don't have the exact coordinates with me). Haven't tried it, but apparently they serve beef, turkey, and tofu pups with all sorts of toppings.

            Good luck!

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            1. re: e p

              A hot dog joint opened recently on St.Marks between 1st and A called Crif Dogs. Definitely the best veggie dogs I've ever had. They're split and served on a grilled bun with onions, cucumber, jalapeno, and tomato. Add mustard and you're in business. They also make their own meat dogs, but due to an unfortunate bout of food poisoning many years ago I can't handle the real thing. Friends of mine love them, though, and the guy running the place is really friendly and almost evangelical about his product.

              1. re: LaurenFP

                Wow they sound great-gotta try them. Thanks.

                1. re: LaurenFP

                  Sorry, man, but I've been to this place and it sucked. The bun was stale and the guy was a jerk about it. I think that they don't get enough business to keep up on fresh buns--or have a good attitude. My girlfriend had a veggie dog and wasn't impressed. Across the street is a vegan bakery that has great soups and avocado sandwiches--she loves them. I predict that this Crif Dog place will be out of business within a year. They're never busy.

                  1. re: Tom

                    It's 2010 and the place is still open. Looks like you just caught them on a bad day.

              2. Next time I'm in NY, I'm going to ask y'all to remind me of the places that make veggie dogs. I've never actually bought a prepared dog in a restaurant or from a food vendor. What fun that would be!

                There was a rumor that the concessions at Oriole Park had veg. dogs, and I was invited to a game there in August. But ended up not making it, so I never found out. That's my dream. . . sports arenas that have veggie dogs and burgers! So I don't have to subsist on soft pretzels and "cheez" nachos!

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                1. re: LisaPizza
                  Caitlin McGrath

                  A couple of years ago, I was in Toronto and noticed that all the hot dog carts on the street seemed to have veggie dogs.

                  1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                    Yes, Yves is a Canadian company and that's what they have (or had, my last visit was summer of 2000). Aren't you concerned about the "mixing", though? It happens that when I was there, it was for the World Vegetarian Congress and there's no way I could eat another thing, so I didn't investigate.

                  2. re: LisaPizza

                    Veg-City Diner on 14th and 6th Ave has delicious corn dogs. Hope it will be here when you're in town.....

                    1. re: HLing

                      Explain thyself. Are they at risk of closing, too?

                      1. re: Janet

                        I only know that they have sold the other location, on 3rd Ave and 9 th street(somewhere around there). I'm not in the neighborhood often enough to know how well they're doing.

                        1. re: HLing

                          The sign posted at the Third Avenue restaurant after the closing referred specifically to their difficulties because of the loss of business after the events in lower Manhattan, and indicated they'd be opening others. Hope that's true.