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Philly Cheese Steak in NYC.

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Where in NYC's beast Philly Cheese Steak?

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    Dale Weinstein

    Ain't none

    1. I was over near 48th and Seventh yesterday and noticed a Cheesesteak place. it operates out of a window on the NorthWest Corner. Has anybody tried this place? Seems like all they make is cheesesteaks and that's a good start...

      1. nope. no good cheese steaks in NYC,
        and people here dont even know
        what a hoagie is. aahhhhh yai yaiy.

        tried the new place on 3rd street.. horrible!!
        the sandwiches are pre-maid and kept warm in
        wax paper in the oven... you cant get mushrooms
        on them and the kaiser buns a soggy/chewy.


        avoid the place unless you want a disappointing second
        rate fakey fake cheese steak.

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          There's a new place on the northeast corner of 34th street on 3rd...passed by but did not stop in, looks to be promising though, will definitely try it out...

        2. the place you are talking about is Carls Steaks and yes it is fantastic! It supposedly has some connection to some supposed Philly Cheesesteak institution, but being a true New Yorker I dont know or care about any other city and their so called food scenes!

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            Carl's Cheesesteaks does not have a connection to any Philly cheesesteak operation. There's a link on his website to an article in "NY Magazine" explaining his quest to produce the perfect cheesesteak and then open his own shop. I've never had a cheesesteak in Philly, so I have no basis of comparison, but the one I had a Carl's 3rd Av. location (he's since opened another downtown) was delicious.


            Btw, I believe the cheesesteak place in NYC with a Philly connection is Tony Luke's.

            Here's a link to an Aug. '05 article in "NY Magazine" that rated all the cheesesteak spots in NYC at that time:


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              I also recommend Carl's Cheesesteaks and have tried the ones in Philly.

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              Having lived my entire life in Philly and having eaten a cheesesteaks from the venerable Jim's and Geno's every Friday for years, I can attest to the fact that Carl's is a sad version of a true philly steak.

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                had a carl's today. went with provolone onions and mushrooms. the steak was tender but very uneven in saltiness. some bites were waaaay too salty and others were tasteless. the roll was nicely moist except for the last few bites in which the bread was a little stale.

                Overall I would give Carls a 4-5 on a scale of 1-10.

              2. Hope and Anchor- red hook - super snarky... enjoy fb

                1. The Roasted Pork at Tony Lukes is really good!

                  1. Here's the lowdown on cheesesteaks in the Big Apple. Until a few years ago they were virtually nonexistent in America's largest city except for certain street vendors, a promotional sandwich offered at the few area Roy Rogers, and a complete joke of a restaurant in the Village called BB Sandwich Bar...which features a "cheesesteak" that inexplicably comes on a kaiser roll served by a jerk who doesn't understand that having the choice of whether or not to have onions is one of the Ten Commandments of a real cheesesteak. (NOTE TO JERK FOR WHEN YOU GOOGLE YOURSELF: You're here to serve us, not the other way around.)

                    This all changed when Carl's Steaks opened on 3rd Ave just north of 34th Street. Carl's is essentially trying to do a Jim's clone in New York...and he does okay at it, just okay. The roll is fine, but the meat lacks the flavor of what you get in Philly and he doesn't put enough cheese on his sandwiches. This can be allayed by getting "double cheese" which is, of course, too much.

                    There's another place with shops in the village and the West 50s called Philly Slims. The roll here is a complete joke. It's like a bigger version of what they put a lobster roll on in New England. The meat and cheese are okay but far from the real deal.

                    There's a place in the Eastish Village called 99 Miles to Philly which tastes about 99,000 miles away from a real Philly Cheesesteak. Don't even bother.

                    My fave in NYC is Tony Luke's on 9th Ave b. 41st & 42nd. They are affiliated with Tony Luke's in Philly which is down by the stadiums there. The roll here is excellent, crunchy, delicious. The meat and cheese are good. Best in the city, but still doesn't compare to Jim's in Philly.

                    Haven't tried to Hope & Anchor but looking forward to hitting it out in Red Hook.

                    1. Very happy with Carl's...and it' open till 4am, so perfect stop after a night out drinking.

                      1. I'm a Jim's cheesesteak girl at heart, and haven't found anything in NYC as good.

                        Maybe they've changed how they make it, but the cheesesteak I had at Hope&Anchor a few years ago was terrible, I couldn't finish it, and I like their food normally. The steak was thick sliced and it wasn't served on a hoagie roll. I've also had the steaks at Carl's and thought they were really subpar. Strangely enough, the large deli on the corner of 14th St and 8th Ave makes a decent one.

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                          Southeast corner? Seriously? Good to know, I'll have to try it out.

                        2. grew up eating steaks in philly. I loved them then and I enjoy them now when I go back. They always tasted best after a night out drinking. Now I've been in NY for a long time, and I have to say that the 34th street Carl's (haven't tried the downtown one) and 99 miles to Philly serve steaks just as good and tasty as you would get in Philly. Are they as good as Pat's/Geno's/Jim's or Steve's? Of course not...not without the South Philly vibe.

                          But the best cheesesteak I've ever had is right here in New York, at Pastis. Save me the crying about authenticity, because its much better than the original. Better roll, better steak.

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                            99 miles to philly was quite possibly the worst steak ive ever had. you lose all credibility, and then you quote the tourist cheese steak places.
                            blondie's has a good chicken cheese steak. I dont know what is so hard about making them similarly (i'm just saying in a similar fashion) than in philly, but no one has done it yet. i haven't tried carl's. i hear everywhere that is the best one. all ive had were cheap products that were heavy on the grease... just not how it is. in philly, you grow up knowing and being able to name multiple breadmakers. you don't in new york city. that's dedication to cheesesteaks/hoagies, etc.

                          2. All of a sudden I'm not feeling so badly. I've been reading the threads about "Best hot dog in NYC" and getting really jealous because where I live in southeastern PA there's no such thing as a great hot dog with sauerkraut. But, we DO have cheesesteaks -- GREAT cheesesteaks! So, when I want a good hot dog (or a good pastrami sandwich), I trek into NYC and go to Katz's or Artie's. If you want a good cheesesteak, c'mon down to south Philly!!!

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                              If you want a good hot dog, there's no need to go all the way into NYC. North Jersey has the best hot dogs. I was on a team for a newspaper that reviewed over 100 different hot dogs this summer, including the name places in New York. Boulevard Drinks in Jersey City serves the same recipe Sabrett dog that Katz's does. The team was unanimous in preferring the dog at Boulevard Drinks to Katz's. Hotter and fresher. If you like this type of beef dog, I know of 2 that are even better. Jerry's in Elizabeth and Syd's in Springfield. We also have German style beef and pork franks that are excellent. Not to mention Italian Style Hot Dogs. Contact me for directions or more info at Salempost1@aol.com.

                              1. re: hotdoglover

                                Thanks, but if I'm going to travel from southeastern PA just for a hot dog (which I'm not likely to do), I'm going to make the trip worth my while, so I doubt that I'd make my destination Jersey City, Elizabeth or Springfield. Nope -- I'd hightail it up the Jersey Turnpike all the way to the Big Apple, where a hot dog (or a good pastrami sandwich) is just a part of the day's pleasures.

                                1. re: CindyJ

                                  cindy, with all due respect, trust me when i say that hotdoglover really knows what he's talking about when it comes to hot dogs. his numerous posts on the variety, quality, and scope of the northern nj/nyc-area hot dog scene are always on-point. and he's absolutely right when he says that northern nj hot dogs are far better than anything in nyc proper.

                                  i don't blame you for not wanting to go all the way up to jc, elizabeth, or springfield just for a hot dog...but since those places are close to manhattan, why not stop by one of hotdoglover's recommended spots on your way up to or back from nyc? if you're serious about hot dogs it's definitely worth the trip, and since they're on the way to the city, it wouldn't be much of a detour at all. you can get a dog or two in nj and then eat your heart out in manhattan, brooklyn, or elsewhere.

                                  to keep this topic relevant to the ny board, let me weigh in on the philly cheesesteak scene in manhattan:

                                  it's pretty lousy. lots of people will tout carl's steaks, wogie's, 99 miles to philly, tony luke's, philly slim's, or even bb sandwich bar as having a good - or "better" - version than in philly, but that's simply false. i've sampled most of the top (or at least, famous) cheesesteaks in philly (pat's, geno's, jim's, steve's, dalessandro's, tony luke's, john's roast pork, chink's, mama's) and nothing in nyc comes even close. even the tony luke's in manhattan is bad, which is not surprising since it's not run by the same people who own and operate tony luke's in philly.

                            2. Try a vendor called Hoagie's Ho. The Sloppy Gobbler is the best!!!

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                              1. re: The Foodie

                                I had one of those in Tijuana once, it was awesome.

                              2. Since the question was what's the best cheesesteak in NYC my answer would be Carl's

                                1. There's a little operation set up literally in the parking lot at the Home Depot on Norther Blvd in Long Island City, Queens that serves Philly-style cheesesteaks, among other things. I've never eaten there, but the aroma is always tempting and it seems pretty popular, considering the location.

                                  A cheesesteak place opened on 6th Ave (Ave of the Americas) just off 14th St 2 or 3 yrs ago. I never saw anybody in there, and I don't know whether they are still in operation.

                                  What I would die for though is a real Philly-style hoagie, with some capicola and sharp provolone, like they have at Primo Hoagies in City Center. It amazes me that they are nowhere to be found in NYC!

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                                  1. re: racer x

                                    The place is still there, on 6th Ave between 14th & 15th. It's called the Cheesesteak Factory. It's presumably a branch of the Cheesesteak Factory on Houston, which Sietsema called in The Village Voice New Yorkers' "latest and best attempt" at reproducing a Philly cheesesteak. In fact, the Voice put the Houston branch in its 2006 Best of New York list. I still haven't eaten anything from either one, and as in the past, there were no customers in the 6th Ave shop when I went by this evening. Someone else said on one of the chowhound boards that the one cheesesteak she got at the 6th Ave shop was awful, with very stringy meat.

                                    1. re: racer x

                                      That stand has been pretty consistent over the years. Not "great" but serviceable, about as good as a decent "neighborhood" cheesesteak in Philadelphia which is saying something up here. Minus the Cheeze Wiz, not that I can say I miss it...

                                    2. woagies bar on charles and greenwich--in the area. great steaks and owner by a bunch of philly guys.

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                                      1. I will say first I have not been to Tony Luke's yet.

                                        Of all the rest, I agree with the Hope and Anchor post. By far the best I've been able to find in NYC.

                                        1. I was born, raised and still live just outside Philly and have been to all the best cheesesteak spots down there. I won't go into details on my favorites as that is a completely different discussion. However, I do work in midtown and have been to Carl's. It is the closest thing to a Philly cheesesteak that I've had outside Philly. In fact, I think Carl's are better than "Steve's Prince of Steaks" (a best of Philly wanna be).

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                                          1. re: owen_munee

                                            Oh give me a break. Steve's is the best in Philly and Carl's (although fine...for NYC) couldn't hold a candle to it, if it stood on top of the Comcast Center.

                                          2. I enjoy the product at Shorty's on 9th btw 41st and 42nd. The whole place is Philly all the time....sports, fans food. WIT or WITOUT, hoagies and of course WIZ

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                                              Right, if you go Shorty's you have to get it with the sharp provolone and might as well throw some broccoli rabe on there too.

                                            2. Not in NYC, but the best I've ever had (and that includes Philly) is in White Plains. Mangotta's near the hospital. When my mother was in the hospital it was the only thing we enjoyed about the experience.