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Nov 7, 2001 01:20 PM

Philly Cheese Steak in NYC.

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Where in NYC's beast Philly Cheese Steak?

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  1. d
    Dale Weinstein

    Ain't none

    1. I was over near 48th and Seventh yesterday and noticed a Cheesesteak place. it operates out of a window on the NorthWest Corner. Has anybody tried this place? Seems like all they make is cheesesteaks and that's a good start...

      1. nope. no good cheese steaks in NYC,
        and people here dont even know
        what a hoagie is. aahhhhh yai yaiy.

        tried the new place on 3rd street.. horrible!!
        the sandwiches are pre-maid and kept warm in
        wax paper in the oven... you cant get mushrooms
        on them and the kaiser buns a soggy/chewy.

        avoid the place unless you want a disappointing second
        rate fakey fake cheese steak.

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        1. re: ostap

          There's a new place on the northeast corner of 34th street on 3rd...passed by but did not stop in, looks to be promising though, will definitely try it out...

        2. the place you are talking about is Carls Steaks and yes it is fantastic! It supposedly has some connection to some supposed Philly Cheesesteak institution, but being a true New Yorker I dont know or care about any other city and their so called food scenes!

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          1. re: YoungHood

            Carl's Cheesesteaks does not have a connection to any Philly cheesesteak operation. There's a link on his website to an article in "NY Magazine" explaining his quest to produce the perfect cheesesteak and then open his own shop. I've never had a cheesesteak in Philly, so I have no basis of comparison, but the one I had a Carl's 3rd Av. location (he's since opened another downtown) was delicious.


            Btw, I believe the cheesesteak place in NYC with a Philly connection is Tony Luke's.

            Here's a link to an Aug. '05 article in "NY Magazine" that rated all the cheesesteak spots in NYC at that time:


            1. re: RGR

              I also recommend Carl's Cheesesteaks and have tried the ones in Philly.

            2. re: YoungHood

              Having lived my entire life in Philly and having eaten a cheesesteaks from the venerable Jim's and Geno's every Friday for years, I can attest to the fact that Carl's is a sad version of a true philly steak.

              1. re: YoungHood

                had a carl's today. went with provolone onions and mushrooms. the steak was tender but very uneven in saltiness. some bites were waaaay too salty and others were tasteless. the roll was nicely moist except for the last few bites in which the bread was a little stale.

                Overall I would give Carls a 4-5 on a scale of 1-10.

              2. Hope and Anchor- red hook - super snarky... enjoy fb