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Sep 9, 2001 12:01 PM

Best moderately-priced Champagne

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My favorite is Perrier Jouet but at about $28.99 when it's on sale, I hope Chowhounds will share what their favorites are that's more moderately priced. Thanks.

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  1. Since we're talking French, I think the PJ at $28.99 is a great bargain. I usually step up for a Pol Roget (probably $10 more, but a better value) or go with a Veuve Clicot yellow label at about the sme price as you PJ. BTW, warehouse stores sometimes have incredible deals on the PJ and the VC. Happy times!

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    1. re: Greg Spence

      I really like Nicolas Fuillate (sp?)

      1. re: rhubarb

        Here's a link to a discussion on the San Francisco board about a Thai dinner that diverges into Champagne house styles.


        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Billecart-Salmon is excellent, especially the rose. Union Square Wine is the biggest seller of it in the City and has the best prices for it.

          1. re: OPJK
            Melanie Wong

            Love the Billecart-Salmon Elisabeth Cuvee rose', but that's outside the "moderately-priced" range.

            Best prices in the San Francisco Bay Area for Billecart-Salmon are from K&L Wines. The entry-level Cuvee Reservee (my house bubbly) is $26 after case discount.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              When I want to serve champagne at a party I always buy Spanish Cava. The brand is escaping me at the moment, but almost any cava is quite good, and runs $10-$15 per bottle. It's not "The Widow", my true fave, but it is miles better than that awful mimosa helper type stuff that folks call champagne...

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      I think you might like Gruet Blanc de Noirs from New Mexico (yes, that's right!). It is made in the traditional method. I thought it was very nice indeed. Forgot the price but it wasn't alot. Much closer to a French flavor than the California's. If you try it let me know what you think.


      1. I'm not sure if you'll ever get to read this as I'm posting 2 months later then the original post :) but here are my thoughts....

        I like your choice and also agree that the veuve yellow label is a good call. Champagne is more expensive to make than still wine so it will usually cost no less then $25. Buying by the case is the best bet at lower prices.

        Now if you're willing to drink sparkling wines, then you should look no futher then California. California makes great sparkling wines at very reasonable prices. Domain Chandon is one of my favourite producers. I also like J.

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          michael (mea culpa)

          You might try an Italian prosecco. Some are good and reasonably priced.