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Jul 22, 2001 03:56 PM

the best rabbit dish

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I've now imbibed the tastiest rabbit dish on the planet, and I've had more than my share. It was at man ray (all lower case, very chic), the new hot Scene on West 15th between 6th and 7th Aves. Everything leading up to the rabbit was quite special, but nothing could have prepared me for the intensity of flavor of the roasted rack and saddle that came at me. It was like having a whole new meat--or rather, it was like the first time I tasted foie gras: Everything around me tuned out, and I tore into that rabbit as if I'd become a ravenous cave man. For one thing, the chef--one Fédéric Kieffer--roasts the rabbit medium rare, with extremely tender results. And he plates it with mustard spaetzle and chanterelles--the ménage à trois.

If you like rabbit, fight your way through the entertainment-industry crowd at this place. Make anyone with you order the same thing, though, because you won't want to share one bite!

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  1. I have to check out man ray, but in 1983 I had a sublime rabbit dish at Buerrehiesel, a wonderful restaurant in the ORangerie Park in Strasbourg. The saddle was slightly raosted, not rare but very juicy, and served in pristine white slices. The leg was boned, and stuffed with root vegetables and roasted crisp. Magnifique!!

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      As a lover of all thing rabbity, I felt I had to put in my two cents...
      In my opinion, the best rabbit dish is pappardelle al sugo di lepre which is a wide flat egg pasta with a sauce made from wild hare which has been sauteed with finely chopped carrots, onions, celery, sage and some other stuff.

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        While I have to agree that the sugo is one of the best rabbit dishes I offer one more opinion on the best rabbit..Stifado at Molyvos..a classic Greek stew is flavored with bay and cinnamon and tomato..they add olives which is a bit unconventional and quite a nice addition..a yummy stew