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Jul 8, 2001 11:17 PM

Brunch hunch, anyone?

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I've searched but don't see anything recent for brunch suggestions. We're going with elderly and not-well parents but we want the selection to be wide, attractive to the eye, and delicious. Any ideas much appreciated...

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  1. No-one else has posted so far, so I'll mention that we recently discussed brunch, specifically focusing on the East Village, on the Manhattan board. You should read the things that were mentioned in those threads.

    The best brunch I've had in New York was at the Miracle Grill, east side of 1st Av. just south of 7th St., but a serious drawback is that they don't take reservations, and there is likely to be a long wait. But you could have Teresa's across the street as a very satisfactory fallback option - though there might be a wait there, too.

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      any suggestions for brunch on the Upper east side??

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      Caitlin Wheeler

      I haven't been but friends have told me that Fiddlesticks in the West Village (on Greenwich Street?) makes great brunch.

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        Fiddlesticks is on Greenwich Avenue (not Street). I had lunch there has a dark pubby atmosphere with offerings of shepherd's pie, burgers, etc. but I was underwhelmed. Don't know how the brunch is but I personally wouldn't make this a destination spot.

        I second the recommendation of Miracle Grill for brunch.

        You don't mention what area you're looking to have brunch in. If you gave more locations, that would trigger more recommendations.

      2. Had brunch for the first time at Five Points last month, and thought it was terrific. We ordered a bunch of food--fresh squeezed mixed-fruit juices, a fruit bowl (large, varied, very attractive--and a deal at $6.50), ricotta fritters w/strawberry compote, vanilla-bourbon french toast, wood-oven baked eggs, and bacon. (There were only two of us--but we were very hungry.) We unintentionally ended up there on Father's Day, so it was crowded, but the service was excellent. They take reservations and the bill was quite reasonable--I think about $55 pre-tip. Though we were most interested in the breakfast items, they a quite a selection of salads, fish, etc.