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Apr 29, 2001 07:36 PM

Best Cheese Danish in New York

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Where can one get the best cheese Danish in New York? I used to be able to get the real thing at the bakery next to Zabar's. (I was never sure whether this bakery was part of the Zabar empire or just a neighbor.) However, the last time I was up that way they no longer had the same Danishes to offer. The old ones were great: chock full of creamy cheese filling and raisins. What's the best out there now?

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  1. Easy one. Chowhound Allan Evans phoned me in danish rapture from this place just this afternoon, in fact: Andre's Hungarian 100-28 Queens Blvd @ 67 ave forest hills 718-830-0266

    There are a whole LOT of places tied for the #2 position, however.

    Note: no raisins. Raisins are pretty anomalous in NYC-style cheese danishes. Also Andre's are not "chock full of cream cheese"; there is perfect balance of crisp buttery crust and ambrosial filling.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      And how about their prune?

      1. re: AHR

        Never tried. But I never had a non-ambrosial bite at Andre's. I'd gladly eat styrofoam danishes there if they made 'em.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Oh, dear. I guess Andre's danishes join The Cake Box's chocolate cream pie at the top of the must-try list for my next Diet Death rounds. It was "crisp buttery crust" that did it.

          Thanks, I think.

          1. re: AHR

            Where is the Cake Box?

          2. re: Jim Leff

            I tried their cheese danish and plum danish. Although good, I didn't find them especially ambrosial or even noteworthy. The cheese filling was a bit much, and the plum especially was not very good, like oversweetened pureed thick prune. The all-important pastry part seemed a bit dense to me. Perhaps I waited too long before having them at the end of the day after buying them mid-afternoon--they may taste better right out of the oven. But I was expecting a light and buttery glazed example that would lift my mouth into the clouds like those sold at Moisson (sp?) bakery in Montreal in Atwater market that are examples of what I consider a truly delectable danish.

            1. re: Stevens

              Yep, dense is right (though not unpleasantly so...we're not talking leaden weights, just not-notably-light-and airy). It's Hungarian style, which is a different aesthetic from French. No clouds. I happen to love both styles.

              Can't wait to try that market. I'm planning a trip north for one of these days, will definitely stop in.

        2. re: Jim Leff

          Have you tried La Tropezienne(2131 1st Ave bet 109&110)? This old fashioned french bakery makes great cheese danish.Anyway,I think Andre's is really great.Thanks Jim!

        3. Have you tried Glaser's(1st Ave&87th St)? This 99 yrs old bakery's cheese danish is very much like what you described,i think.

          1. Stork's Bakery in Whitestone remains the best place I know for cheese and all other danish.

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              Moved from New York 28 years ago to Michigan and haven't found a bakery to compare with STORK's.

              Their rolls, cakes, anything they make is fantastic. The next trip back to NY will not be complete until we stop at Stork's

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