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Mar 1, 2001 11:07 AM

best place to eat/drink around e61 and 2nd

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any suggestions for hidden gems in this area?


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  1. I really like Mon Petit Cafe - I believe it's at or near 59th and 2nd or 59th and 3rd on the southeast corner of the street. Country French with very nice bistro atmosphere and a neighborhood crowd. Atmosphere is a bit subdued (to my liking). Have tried it three times - starches and vegetables were perfect - one of the three times my salmon was a tad overcooked (disappointing as on the previous visit it was the best piece of salmon I've ever eaten)but all else was a very good. Overall it seems to be consistent. Entrees with vegetable and starch included range from about $14-22 if I recall correctly. On my first visit the starch was a very generous pile of nicely seasoned rice pilaf made exclusively with wild rice - not a mix of wild and regular rice. It was wonderful - could have eaten a whole plate of that for dinner.