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Pancake Week

doughboy Feb 26, 2001 09:50 PM

With the demise of the ABC Parlour Cafe, who now makes the best pancakes in NYC?

I don't mean crepes Normande, or waffles with chicken, or tofu patties with mole poblano sea-cucumber foam, just good, plain, old-fashioned pancakes -- buttermilk, maybe buckwheat, just maybe with blueberries -- served with real butter and real maple syrup.

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    Ruby RE: doughboy Feb 27, 2001 09:21 AM

    I like the buckwheat pancakes at Miracle Grill, 112 First Avenue (254-2253) and Bright Food Shop, 218 8th Ave (243-4433). Bright always has fresh fruit available, like blueberries, with the corn pancakes.

    Pancakes are usually a disappointment for me as they often arrive lukewarm, leaden or tasting too floury. They're so fattening anyway so I've given up on ordering them but when they're good, they're Delicious.

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    1. re: Ruby
      kachka RE: Ruby Feb 27, 2001 05:58 PM

      I really like the pancakes at Good Enough to Eat (83 and Amsterdam), esp. the banana walnut ones. People here say it's not anywhere near as "good enough" as it used to be, but I still think the pancakes are delicious.

    2. w
      wendy RE: doughboy Feb 27, 2001 05:39 PM

      I vote for the banana buckwheat at Veselka - I always steal some from the beau as my dessert after my own enormous Sun. feast, and even cold, they are most excellent. Their regular pancakes are mighty tasty as well. I would like someone to please open a cool pancake house. Soon, please.

      1. l
        Lance DeVry RE: doughboy Feb 27, 2001 08:22 PM

        They use real blueberries at Shopsins down (somewhere?) in the village
        there ain't none of that blue jello stuff! and the maple syrup is real too.
        very tasty!

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        1. re: Lance DeVry
          Sales guy who eats there RE: Lance DeVry Aug 20, 2002 12:00 PM

          Great stuff @Shopsins 63 Bedford (between Morton and Barrow) in the Village

        2. a
          Anne RE: doughboy Feb 28, 2001 05:49 PM

          I have always found the Royal Canadian Pancake
          House to be very good. 3rd and 17th.
          good luck.

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          1. re: Anne
            Caitlin McGrath RE: Anne Feb 28, 2001 06:13 PM

            Sorry, but RCPH closed a couple of years ago.

          2. m
            Michael L. RE: doughboy Mar 5, 2001 03:38 AM

            I don't know who makes the best pancakes, but Teresa's makes good ones and they do have real maple syrup for $.50

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            1. re: Michael L.
              Bob RE: Michael L. Mar 18, 2001 10:48 PM

              Where is Teresa's?

              1. re: Bob
                Pan RE: Bob May 31, 2001 05:02 AM

                Sorry, I never saw this question. Teresa's, as many Chowhounds know, as on 1st Av. between 6th and 7th Sts. I particularly like their soups, pancakes, and pierogis. Their fresh orange juice is usually nice, too. My favorite lunch special (lunch, not brunch) is the chicken stew, and they have various good side dishes, including beets and kasha, but your mileage may vary.

            2. j
              Jill RE: doughboy Mar 5, 2001 03:53 PM

              Personally, I think the best pancakes in town are at the Jackson Hole Airline Diner, near LaGuardia Airport, off of the Grand Central/BQE tangle. The 'cakes are just awesome - and only outdone by their amazing WAFFLES!!!! (made in an old cast iron waffle iron!!) I have never eaten at any of the other (there are 2 or 3) sites, don't know if they are all good - the one by LaG sure is, tho!

              Not a cheap place, but the REAL maple syrup is usually on the table, and if it isn't, just ask - NO CHARGE!!

              1. a
                Aran RE: doughboy Jun 16, 2001 11:01 AM

                Try Bouley Bakery - best blueberry pancakes I've had in years.

                1. f
                  foodfish RE: doughboy Jun 21, 2007 04:42 PM

                  the best pancakes are at clinton street bakery on Clinton street near Houston ---- come with maple butter instead of syrup get there at 10am when they open or you'll have to wait

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                  1. re: foodfish
                    alphabet city girl RE: foodfish Jul 14, 2007 03:39 PM

                    i SECOND that - often while you wait, they will bring out bite size pieces to try - they are truly delicious.

                    Also if you like pancakes with banana or strawberry, lovely day on Elizabeth St does a great set

                  2. p
                    pacz RE: doughboy Jul 20, 2007 10:26 PM

                    Blue Fin has great pancakes, usually always have buttermilk and silver dollar pancakes, served with fresh fruit and then they will have another fruit flavored pancake, depending on the season.

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