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Feb 5, 2001 11:23 AM

Best Place For Brunch With 20 People

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Need to find a place that will accommodate a large party of approx. 20 people for brunch. Do not want to sacrifice food quality or ambiance to fit group size. Is this an outrageous request? Any and all help will be very appeciated.

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  1. No-one else has posted any response, so I'll give this a try. I'd do the dim sum thing in any of the big eating halls (Jing Fong, Harmony Palace, Golden Unicorn et al.). Then again, you may not be fans of Chinese food, or you may want a quieter ambiance and ability to reserve early. I had a great brunch at Miracle Grill last summer, but they weren't taking reservations, and I don't know if they could accomodate 20.