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Jan 26, 2001 10:33 AM

Best cafe

  • k

So what do you all think is the best cafe in NYC?

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  1. Cafe Mozart and Columbus Bakery.

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    1. re: DM

      For hanging out more than food, I like the Hungarian Pastry Shop (111 and Amsterdam), and downtown Le Gamin and 12 Chairs on Macdougal, plus Untitled Space on Greene just south of Houston. UES I go to Repast on Lex. between 91 and 92 (great sandwiches, salads and pastries)

      1. re: DM

        While Columbus Bakery sports a convivial atmosphere, desirable location (Columbus Ave. & 82nd), good looking crowd, and appetizing food (sometimes you'd swear some of it was assembled by a food stylist), in my opinion, the food itself is mediocre and lacks taste. It definitely doesn't live up to the expectations created by this food show. For example, the turkey in the beautiful turkey sandwich tastes bland and lacks the taste of good turkey; the soups lack the distinctive flavor of whatever the given soup is supposed to be (black bean soup doesn't have its distinguishing taste).