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Dec 5, 2000 10:17 AM

Best Borscht

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Now that the weather is colder, I've been craving a hot homemade-style beef borscht with, naturally, beets and some carrots like my mom used to make. Veselka's on Second Avenue makes a decent "Ukranian" borscht but I'm sure you Chowhounds can recommend other places that are even better. Too many restaurants use the jar kind. Thanks,

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  1. I've never had their borscht (too addicted to the cabbage, spinach, and split pea soups), but I would bet that Little Poland at 2nd Ave. and 13th St. does a great job. IMO, they have the best soup out of all of the E.V. Polish restaurants.

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      Adrienne Ward

      I had some of Little Poland's borscht last night and was quite disconcerted to find kidney beans in the soup. And these pesky beans could not be ignored -- they practically drowned out the flavor of the beet stock.

      I also was unhappy to find hard-boiled egg in my borsht from Vesalka in a recent visit. But at least the egg had not infiltrated the stock's flavor and was easy to scoop out.

      1. re: Lauren

        Little Poland has great soups indeed, but Veselka trumps them on borscht. I don't know a better one than Veselka, and I've searched hard.

        Little Poland's is plain for my taste: a bit thin, and mostly beets, carrots, and beans. I don't think there's any meat in it (talking about the hot borscht here) and it suffers, in my opinion.

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        Brian Patterson

        There is very good borscht to be had at an unlikely place, in my opinion. The Olive Tree Cafe, otherwise a sort-of-cheesy NYU hangout and bar in the central Village college "ghetto"....The have a really good homemade borscht, full of beef, veggies, dill, with sour cream and black bread on the side, naturally. They also have a cold vegetarian variety that I haven't tried, but veggie friends seem to like it. Other food there is mainly pedestrian Middle Eastern (Falafel, Hummus etc.)...but again, super borscht. Its located, if my memory serves me on Macdougal St. a block or two south of Washington Sq. (it may be on Sullivan...I navigate by landmarks, sorry).