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Nov 13, 2000 03:49 PM

Daniel Boulud cookbook recommendations?

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I've been feeling a little inspired recently and would like to try out some recipes by Mr. Boulud, but I'm not sure which of his two cookbooks I should get:

1) Cooking With Daniel Boulud which is older but has 250 recipes.
2) Daniel Boulud's Cafe Boulud Cookbook : French-American Recipes for the Home Cook which only has 150 recipes but is newer so it might be better written.

I haven't had a chance to flip through them in person and was going to just order them from Amazon. Can anyone endorse one over the other?


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  1. I happend to own both cookbooks. The older one, Cooking With Daniel Boulud, is an absolute favorite of mine. Recipes are reasonably easy to execute. There are very tasty dishes that make my guest real happy. The Cafe Boulud Book is very decent as well but not as interesting for me.

    Here's what I would do: Buy Cooking With Daniel Boulud yourself and when somebody asks what they can get you for your Birthday tell them Cafe Boulud. Enjoy.

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      Thanks. I ended up getting Cooking with Daniel Boulud and will attempt making the morel custard with shallot jus this weekend. The book looks great!