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Oct 29, 2000 04:37 PM

Best 4 cup coffee maker?

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Is there anything out there except Braun & Krups?

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  1. The best way to brew 4 cups of coffee is a french press.

    It sounds like its gonna be a pain in the ass, but in actuality it doesnt take very long to boil water and make coffee that way -- and the results are amazing.

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    1. re: Jason Perlow

      Thanks for the tip. What an incredible difference the french press makes! In answer to Jonathan's question, the larger coffee makers do not make 2 to 4 cups that well.

    2. Jason is right, but if you have to make coffee in an office where you can't boil water... Then again you could spend the money on one of those electric kettles, and do as much or little coffee as you want in the french press or a one cup drip thing (see Mellitta display where you buy coffee filters) AND have the option to make water for tea :)

      I have a Capresso brand 4 cup maker, and got it at a Williams Sonoma store on sale about 1.5 years ago, so they may not make the 4 cupper any more.

      Also check out the Salton brand. Look in places like Bed, Bath Beyond, ABC Home, Target, etc, where you can find lower-priced brands.

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        jonathan sibley

        Since larger coffee makers can also make 2-4 cups, I'm not quite sure why you specify a 4 cup coffee maker. In any case, if it isn't too big, a coffee maker that brews directly into a thermos can be quite handy. You wouldn't want to drink the coffee hours later (I assume), but it does a pretty good job for a while. It seemed at first like a useless gimmick, but I changed my mind after using one.

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          Edward Felcher

          I have a 4 cup grind and brew Toshiba My-Cafe which I bought it Japan. It is extremely well made, grinds the beans, and has a permanent filter.

          They make very elegant and functional small coffee machines in Japan that are not sold here. I have never seen a nice one like this in any store here.

          It works so well that I bought another as a spare the next time I went. Excellent coffee, controlled drip, good temperature control and very tasty coffee.

          I also roast my own green beans with coffee bought from and a Harvest home roaster.

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          1. re: Edward Felcher

            I agree, but I have a problem. We were given an 8 cup My Cafe about 15 years ago. We love it, but the heater has failed and I cannot find a place to get it repaired in the U.S.A. Does anyone have any suggestions?

            1. re: Edward Felcher
              Richard I. Levine

              Dear Mr Felcher. I quite agree. We are down to our last 12-cup Toshiba my café and are getting anxious as parts are no longer availabe. Any idea of where in Japan I might purchase this wonderful coffee maker.

              Thank you very much.
              Richard Levine

              1. re: Richard I. Levine

                If you are in Tokyo, head to Akihabara Station and try any of the larger electronics stores there (look for White Goods floors 'kaden'). If you're in Osaka, head for DenDen Town between Namba and Ebisucho Stations and check out the electronics stores there.

                Deb H.