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Oct 8, 2000 02:52 PM

Halloween candy

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What stores in Manhattan or Brooklyn have the best selection of Halloween candy for trick-or-treat-ers? I'd like to find some stuff that's a little different from what all the chain stores have.

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  1. Not sure how adventurous you are (or your trick-or-treaters), but if you go to Golden Key chocolates on the main strip of Brighton Beach, you can find some really interesting brightly-wrapped Russian-type chocolates with great names. They're slightly pricier than the stuff you get at K-mart, but much more "original," and really fun to figure out. Try one of each that you want to give out, though-- sometimes one or two ingredients (like nuts) might be "off." (Their quality-assurance isn't always there, so you'll have to decide if you want to be responsible for the occasional nutshell.) I'm partial to their chocolate-covered apricots.

    Also, any supermarket that sells wrapped bulk candy (or try Economy Candy)sells things like DumDum pops, Mary Janes, Brachs, and fare other than the Milky Ways we'll be handing out. Bulk candy can be $1.99/lb or less, a much better deal sometimes than the bagged stuff.

    Good luck--I'm trying to get our 3-year-old to try on his shark costume.

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      If you're getting this to give out, just remember that kids like things that they are familiar with.