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Dry Rub Hot Spice

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Check out www.deathsauce.com -- for Blair's Death Rain, which appears to be made out of dried and crushed cayenne, chipotle, habeneros and garlic. Its a dry rub that can be used for barbecuing or in place of cayenne powder. I bought some on their web site.

I came across this firey powder while eating some of RT 11's Death Rain Potato Chips that I bought at Maxwell's down at their Water Street and Hanover location -- these chips are dusted with this stuff! The bag is distinguished with black and white yellow stripes , with a huge flame across it and a skull wearing a green peace-sign hat. You wont miss it.

I gave some to my coworkers who are from the caribbean and india... and even -they- thought this stuff was serious...

For those of you that are not so heat inclined, RT 11 apparently also makes really good regular kettle-style potato chips -- their site is at www.rt11.com -- you can also order their chips, inlcuding the Death Rains, from a toll free number 1-800-294-SPUD.

Link: http://www.deathsauce.com

Image: http://www.deathsauce.com/images/deat...

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