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Jul 31, 2000 11:41 AM


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The Best coffee in NYC is a tiny little store
on 9th ave called empire coffee & tea co.
knocked my socks off.


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  1. Is their coffee as good as Oren's? I was wandering around Manhattan in an un-caffenated funk yesterday because Oren's was closed. Finally I reluctantly dragged myself into a Starbuck's and pondered why they don't have more local competition.

    The Empire website looks pretty slick but I almost gagged when I got the part where it says "movie stars and wealthy industrialists drink empire coffee...".

    Joe Moryl

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    1. re: Joe Moryl

      Oren's? Although I drink their espresso daily because it's on my way to the train, it can be hardly called good. In fact the burned taste is at times even more pronounced than in Starbucks. You should give Xando a try (and Uncommon Grounds, if you're ever around 35th and 3rd).

      1. re: Orik


        Sorry, I should have made myself clear. I don't drink the espresso at Oren's; I am very partial to their brewed coffee and beans. Yeah, Xando is o.k. with me too.

        Joe Moryl

      2. re: Joe Moryl

        I recently moved out of NYC and one of the things I miss the most is Empire. Offbeat place, friendly people, sometimes great music, great coffee. Doesn't have that cookie cutter feel of the chains.