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Jul 25, 2000 11:13 AM

Where on the web can I buy Indian "Hot Mix"?

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A small local store carries only occasional small bags of "hot mix" (spiced lentils and cashews and things made from channa flour). Does anyone know where I can order this directly? I am especially fond of the mix by Deep, with the lamp logo, or a brand called Royal, I believe, which I found in Boston.

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  1. Please go to 26th and Lexington and visit the various Desi grocers. Also available in Jackson Heights and Edison NJ for fresh hot mix. Try Sev and the other mixes also.

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      I suspect that Maya is not near NYC, so going to Lexington Ave or to Queens would probably require a great deal of travel.

      Beware of NYC-centrism!

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        Although she might get more geographically correct answers if she posted on "What's my Craving"

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          True, I am not really close to NYC, I am in Virginia. I've never heard of "What's my Craving"... but it sounds interesting! THanks for the help!

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            Maya, "What's My Craving" is another message board on If you go to the homepage, it's easy to access all of the boards. There's a ton of chowhoundy stuff to read and there are frequent updates. Check it out! pat

    2. Try They carry a very broad variety of fresh snacks and sweets.