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Jul 22, 2000 04:38 PM


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I am looking for the best and tastiest bbq ribs in nyc. I love slow cooked ribs where the meat falls right off the bone. I have seen some posting for Brother Jimmy's. That can't be the only rib place in all of NYC. Help me out!! I have got the craving!!!


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  1. Try Pearson's in Queens. Use the search box here and you will find out more than you want to know.

    BTW, the dry rib tips are pretty cool at Brother Jimmy's, with each piece an adventure.

    1. Hi. Dallas BBQ - this is a chain. I think there are 3 locations in NYC. The BBQ babyback ribs are always tender and fall off the bone. They are exellent - also the cornbread! It is a chain kind of place though - very big and noisy, but the ribs are great and the prices are too! Also GIANT size drinks!!! (Everything is BIG in Texas)


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      1. re: Pamela

        Warning: Think carefully about going to Dallas BBQ for food unless you have an iron stomach. So much grease!

        1. re: Michael

          And soooo much sugar! Those bucket-sized frozen drinks have about a 300-to-1 Domino to liquor ratio. I've also always found Dallas BBQ to be a one-way ticket to Stomachachetown.

          1. re: Lauren

            Okay, enough with the Dallas complaints - this was a question about good bbq, and I, for one, would like to know what others' answers are. So again, where's the good bbq?

            1. re: Mara
              David Jacobson

              Pearson's if you get there early enough,they tend to get oversmoked later, Waterfront Alehouse and Virgils on a good day.

              1. re: David Jacobson

                Don't bother with Tennesse Mountain. The baby backs are the only ones that are even so-so.

                1. re: Jim S.

                  Virgil's (in Times Sq) comes the closest to Texas style BBQ in NYC. NYC is not a place for BBQ generally. The BBQ at the soul food joints I go to uptoen beats just about any of the other places downtown.

                  1. re: Ora

                    Just wondering if Pearson's is included in your consideration of Texas-style bbq offerings in NYC, or were your remarks limited to places in Manhattan.

                    In any case, how about spilling the beans on some of the places you like uptown? (On the Manhattan board, of course, or Jim L. will be beside himself over the thread drift problem. Again.)

                    1. re: Helen
                      Brooklyn Dan

                      Not worth the trip out to Queens. OK, if you live in the area and are craving some BBQ...get take out. The captain told us to wait at the bar for the next table and then forgot that we were there for dinner and gave away several tables. Nice bar area...5 TVs..good for watching a game and throwing back a few beers. The bartender was the only professional there. The restaurant service was disorganized and barely professional. I know people that make better BBQ in their backyard. Ribs were dry and not all that favorful...also not meaty. Brisket was not moist and favor, again, was barely adequate. Very unimpressive. Corn bread was dry and crumbling and just real corn favor...hard to eat. And the sauces were terrible...runny, very little favor..neither sweet, sour nor smoky...did very little to help the meat that was lacking in favor to begin with. The best thing there was a "sausage"...kielbasa which they put in the smoker for a while...good smoke favor, but again backyard bbq veterans can do as well or better. How did they get (any) good reviews in the first place? If this place got good reviews for BBQ in NYC, then we have a BBQ vacuum in NYC.

                      Been to Virgil's, which was very good if, overall, not spectacular. Don't even talk about the Dallas BBQ chain in NYC...their quality has gone to hell after they expanded years ago...esp. in their downtown branches. They parboil their ribs and just heat them up before service and smother them in actual favor in the meat itself. They are like a BBQ factory...just as long as they pump out a certain tonnage a week...quality is non existent. Once, I got ribs and chicken that were cold. They now only cather to teenagers that enjoy their rowdy atmosphere and wouldn't know good food if they tripped over it.

                      Want BBQ when you are in the DC area: Capital Q ( near the MCI Center (where the Washington Bullets play) was impressive: amazing brisket (moist, super smoky and really tender), very good ribs (meaty, smoky but not very tender), pulled pork was only good (smoky but not too moist or tender...would be good in a sandwich with lots of their very good sauce to add moisture and extra favor). Half of their sides are only adequate (i.e. warmed over canned corn...), the other half good to very save your appetite for the meat and just get whatever side(s) you like (without high expectations). Get the rice pudding to finish's very good. People are super nice and service is friendly.

                      Happy Eats...Brooklyn Dan

                    2. re: Ora
                      Bunny and Quads from TO

                      We agree, Virgil's is great BBQ -- in NYC no less. Quads is a KC expert and pronounced it great!

                      1. re: Ora

                        I used to like virgil's, but then i tried houston's on 53rd and 3rd (in the citibank center). so far, they definitely have the best that i've tried in nyc. the meat fell right off the bone and the flavor was excellent. plus, they weren't at all dry like they were the three times i went to virgil's. another item to try from the menu is the chicken tenders. the best ever! enjoy!

                  2. re: Mara
                    Steve Potenberg

                    Not N.Y.; Texas.

                    1. re: Mara
                      Edward Felcher

                      Not great compared to real Southern BBQ, but usually pretty good to excellent real wood smoked....Brother's BBQ, 225 Varick Street, atmosphere psuedo-Southern road house, stay away from loud drunks.

                2. re: Pamela

                  Dallas BBQ is a horrible tourist trap. So cavernous, tons of tables, but only average food. The BEST for years to me is a small place called Dukes, on 3rd Ave. in the Flatiron district. Their ribs, brisket, mac & cheese, and just about everything else are top notch and fresh. A must would be the bread pudding to finish off a perfectly delicious, albiet messy meal!

                3. I (a DFW resident for 14 years) am very much a fan of Pearson's on 35th Avenue (71st St.), E, F, G, R, or 7 to 74th St./Jackson Heights. It's in the rear of Legends Bar, so I wouldn't recommend going on a Friday or Saturday night. Although I can't comment on the ribs specifically, everything I've had so far I've enjoyed (and I would indeed steer (pun?) clear of the Dallas BBQ chain).


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                  1. re: Christopher
                    Jeremy Osner

                    I agree that Pearson's is the best spot for BBQ. However their (pork) ribs stink. Dry, very little meat. Beef ribs are another story; they are one of my favorite meats at Pearson's. However they are quite expensive.

                    1. re: Jeremy Osner
                      jonathan harwitz

                      i'd largely agree with this dis of the pork ribs, but sometimes they are a nice counterpoint to the beef ones (i go nearly every week to see games, so i see variation).

                      also, it's true, Pearson's looks real cheap, but ain't..

                      and bring your own carbohydrates (other than beer at the bar)--sides and desserts are not up to snuff.

                      1. re: jonathan harwitz

                        I can't comment on the other sides, but I'm rushing to the defense of those cruelly addictive onion rings. Crispy, slighty tangy batter nestling the meatiest dang onion I've ever had the joy of stuffing two-handed in my mouth. I'd wear 'em as bracelets if I wasn't afraid of getting funny looks on the 7 train.


                        1. re: Kat Kinsman
                          Jeremy Osner

                          Agreed about the rings, also the cole slaw and potato salad are tops, I haven't had either dish better made in the city. I think dissing Pearson's sides is way way off, I would go there for the potato salad even if the brisket disappeared.

                  2. Pearsons didn't impress. To greasy!!!! Chow Bar on W.4th Street has awesome ribs

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                    1. re: Bernke

                      Tell me more about the awesome ribs.
                      I'm actually looking for a place on the upper west side that is adequate for my pork rib cravings, of meat falling off the bone.

                    2. Hill Country, RUB, Blue Smoke, Virgils, Dinosaur BBQ