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opinion regarding Frank or Max?

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  • eric Jul 13, 2000 08:30 PM
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I will be visiting New York in September and asked some New York transplants in Phx for a suggestion regarding a meal in Little Italy.

One fellow mentioned "Frank" or "Max." I would be interested in hearing the boards collective opinion. Any other suggestions? thanks

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  1. Neither of those restaurants is in Little Italy. They are both relatively recent opens in the East Village. They both serve decent, cheap Italian food, although I think Max is a little better. However, if you're not sticking to Little Italy, there are better Italian restaurants in NYC. I haven't spent much time in Little Italy restaurants, so I can't help you on that front.

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      I appreciate the feedback...
      what italian restaurants would you recommend, in any area of the city.

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        I really love I Trulli, on E.27th between Lexington and Park Ave. South. Also, we've had good luck at Va Tutto on Cleveland Place. It's less expensive and more casual, and they've got a beautiful outdoor area.

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          piccola venezia in astoria queens, manducatti's in long island city queens,roberto's, bronx ny

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            How about I Coppi, a Tuscan restaurant in the East Village (E9 between 1st and A). More expensive than Frank and Max. Entrees run in the high teens. Beautiful place with a covered garden in the back. Service is good. They have a nice wine list. Oh yeah, and the food is great too. See the NY Observer review link below for more info.

            Link: http://www.nyobserver.com/pages/story...

        2. I Coppi on East Ninth Street in the East Village has a pretty backyard and very good food.A meal will cost about 40 something. I Trulli also has outdoor dining on a patio,also top quality food but it is expensive. It's hard to get a table but I feel the food at Babbo is very innovative,in a good way, and worth going to.For good quality at low price I also vote for Max.Little Italy is much smaller than it used to be and is a tourist trap.