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Jul 5, 2000 05:25 PM

bloody mary

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obviously, it's not food ... but i have a craving for the best bloody mary in any nyc boro. any suggestions???

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  1. Tabla makes a great one. It comes with amazing pickled onions, and the waitstaff is very gracious about bringing a little plateful of extras...but be careful. I'm now a hopeless addict.

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    1. re: Lauren

      Best BM...Puffy's Tavern in Tribeca.

      1. re: Jim S.
        Jason "Wheres the damn beef broth?" Perlow

        Best bloody mary I ever had in my entire life was in New Orleans at the Palace Cafe. But the way I had it was as a Bloody Bull, which is essentially a bloody mary but with beef boullion or beef broth added to it. It really gives it a hell of kick.

        Problem is, I cant find a bar or a restaurant in the entire NY metro area that can serve em. Nobody has the beef broth or boullion on hand.

        Try it at home at a dinner party that way. Trust me.

        1. re: Jason "Wheres the damn beef broth?" Perlow
          David Jacobson

          I've had bloody bulls and bull shots at Sparks and the Palm.

      2. re: Lauren
        Peter Bernstein

        Tabla also makes an indian spiced (masala) bloody that's nice but I prefer their Tamarind Margarita.

      3. My nomination is Mickey Mantle's restaurant, on central Park South. The spice comes not just from tabasco, but from lots of horseradish, the serving size is good, the spices are nice and varied, and (of course it depends on the bartender but) the assortment of vegetables stuck on the rim is above par.

        This drink is so good, my dad comes from New Jersey to have a couple with me, now and then.

        For my money, no Bloody Mary comes close. And I've tried a few.

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        1. re: keith k

          Hold the phone!

          Just went to Mickey mantle's rest (8/6/00) and they have changed the bloody mary mix, for the worse. I had a lengthy talk to the bartender, who says they are begging management to let them go back to the old recipe.

          For now, STAY AWAY!


        2. I don't even know if you will get this since it's dated pretty far back, for this site, but we had the best, kick-a** bloody mary we've ever had at Tavern on Jane Street, in Greenwich Village. Billy the bartender is a bloody mary artiste: he uses special pepper vodka he makes himself, and well, he elevates that pint glass to heights merely thought of by others.

          1. omg, I dream of the bloody marys at grange hall. they come with dilly beans! have a few on a sunday afternoon and go home happy.