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Jul 5, 2000 11:11 AM

challah follow up

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following up to my post about the best challah.would it not make sense that bakeries in Orthodoxneighborhoods would have the best?? So...anynominations for best challah sold in Crown Heightsor anywhere the Orthodox shop??

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  1. Did you ever try Zommick's challah? Sorry I haven't yet, but our orthodox friend Eve swears by it. She said it's available in places all over the city, including Mezonot (sp?)on Columbus around 92nd. Good luck! We get ours at Gideons in Washington Heights (187th off Ft. Washington), which is good but I don't know about transcendental.

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      Please try Zomicks. You're gonna love it.

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        The best, as I said before, is Rockland Bakeries.
        If you are talking about Jewish bakeries as the BEST, Rockland county hs one of the largest Jewish communities in the Tri State area. In addition, Rockland Bakeries is kosher.
        I do not have any affiliation with this bakery, I just like their baked goods.

    2. again, they voted for bruce's in great neck. i've had it, its darn good, on middle neck road

      1. There is a place on 1st Avenue between 15th & 16th Streets across from Styvestant Town called La Bagel (or Le Bagel). They cater to a large orthodox population in the area as well is being near Beth Israel. My son's school is on the block and their bagels are great too, but their challah is like I remember from childhood, soft with a crunchy shell, sweet and yellow (food coloring probably, but who cares) and very very fresh, they usually sell out daily, especially on Thursdays and Fridays. They are sommer shabbas, which means they close early on friday and are closed on Saturday and are strictly Kosher.

        Check it out, I've used it for catering jobs and my customers always like it too By the way, I just buy it retail, because I only buy one or two at a time from time to time and mostly for my own family's consumption, so I have no relationship with them other than that of a satisfied customer.
        Prices are fairly reasonable about 3-3,50 for a huge loaf.