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Jun 14, 2000 06:52 PM


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where do you recommend for the best gyro, in any nyc borough? gotta have killer white sauce, too.

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  1. One place that is quite popular is on the southeast corner of Francis Lewis and Northern in northern Queens between Bayside & Flushing. I don't remember the name ("Famous Gyros" maybe?), but it looks like a small diner/coffee shop.

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      The place on Francis Lewis @ Northern is Fontana. It's definitely worth the trip. I used to live near there & walk to it.

    2. I used to cut out of school because the Gyro's and Souvlaki's at "Fontana Famous Gyro's" are to die for. They haven't changed a bit in over 12 years ... I make it a point to stop there every time I come back to NY ... no matter what my schedule is like ... they make it better than I do !!!

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        Where is Fontana's?