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Jun 9, 2000 06:35 PM

Best in the west village?

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I used to live there and need to move back for 2 months ona web project. What is the mest place to eat? That's a tough question in that area--much to choose from, but I would appreciate any tips :-)

A bigger question is where can I RENT for short term in the area? If you know someone, PLEASE send me email and I will buy you dinner at your favorite place every week for 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    Ok, here are a few tips...
    Pepe Verde, not sure where as I go to the SoHo outpost called Peppe Rosso To Go which is very authentic yummy italian food: pastas, sandwiches, salads to go but there are a few tables, too.

    Nadine's on Bank St. (I think) is good for a kinda upscale brunch... (though they serve all meals)

    Ithaka on Barrow St. is supposed to be very good Greek, I haven't been but it's on my list... a garden... great appies and grilled fish...

    Have you been to the Cornelia St. restaurant row? It's great: Home, Le Gigot, Cafe Havana, Po, Pearl Oyster Bar. Home is...homey and good: don't miss the valrhona chocolate pudding, Le Gigot is a tiny french place and the specialty is leg of lamb, Pearl is amazing fried oysters, best lobstor roll you will ever have period and it's small, too, mostly bar seats--go off hours like lunch at 2 and it's ok, Cafe Havana is small, friendly, very fresh cuban food, Po is Mario Batali--need I say more--make res. now and do the $35 tasting menu.

    Don't know any rentals but there are often summer sublets if you can get hold of a NY Press or a Village Voice.

    Oh, and also try Taka sushi on Barrow and Cones for great artisanal ice cream and Bel Villagio for italian on Bleecker and Carmine.

    Do I at least get a free cone at Cones?

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    1. re: Jessica Shatan

      I went to Fish on Bleecker St. (280 Bleecker, maybe -near Cones, actually) several times last year when I fell off the veg. wagon, and it was excellent. Their specialty is (duh) seafood, and while the everything we tried made us very happy, one of the nicest things about it was the service. On each visit we were well taken care of by a seemingly psychic server who managed to be totally unobtrusive while at the same time lavishing attention upon us. Also, at the time they had a great happy hour-type special involving nice Belgian beer and oysters on the half-shelf at a modest price.

      1. re: Lauren
        Jessica Shatan

        Cool! Thanks for the reminder. I have always heard really good things about that FISH.