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May 20, 2000 11:10 PM

Best takeout dessert

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The best takeout dessert in NYC may just be the hummingbird cake at the Magnolia Bakery (Bleecker and West 11th). It's nothing fancy, basically just a banana cake with nuts and pineapples and sour cream frosting, but it's very moist and flavorful. I believe I would take it over anything at Bouley Bakery, which I love (the bakery, not the restaurant), or at Payard or the Little Pie Company, neither of which I'm that crazy about. The funny thing is that I haven't much liked anything else I've had at the Magnolia Bakery, except for the pecan pie, which is very good.


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  1. I love three berry pie and carrot cake of Little Pie Company. Everything from Marquet(Manhattan & Brooklyn) is wonderful.