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May 8, 2000 10:30 AM

Best Gelato

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So none of you Chowhounds ever been to Fortunatos on the corner of Manhattan and Devoe in Williamsburg? (closest Subway L to Graham Av. or L/G to Metropolitan ). In my opinion their gelato (limone, melon, tiramisu, hazelnut, pistachio, straciatella, butterscotch, esspresso, french vanilla etc.) is the best in the city. And yes, they have it all year round. In the summer they also have killer granita (blood orange, watermelon, espresso, lemon). Probably too difficult for the bridge and tunnel crowd (Mallhattanites). Oh well, your loss.

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  1. In the "etc." for the gelato at Fortunato's is the raspberry which is outrageously good.

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    1. re: Joe D.
      Chris Armstrong

      Great gelato, yes. But look out for that coffee. The folks who work the machine have not been trained in the art of espresso. My cappuccino was scalded, weak, and had virtually no foam. And it wasn't the first time.

      This seems typical of "authentic" Italian joints (Arthur Avenue, etc.) I've even seen pre-made espresso from a pitcher poured into a cup of milk, at that great pasticceria on First Avenue and 12th street in the city. And for this they charge over three dollars.

      Why is this? I don't think its an Italian-American thing; I've had superior espresso drinks in North Beach, San Francisco.


      1. re: Chris Armstrong

        Good point Chris - the cappuccino there varies between bad and at best adequate but what choice do you have with gelato or pastry?