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Apr 27, 2000 03:49 PM

Best Place To Buy Spirits? Best Variety?

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Hi there-

Looking for the best place in Manhattan to buy
spirits. A place that would feature the best new
products as well as lots of obscure and upscale
choices as well.

This afternoon I went to 67 Wine and Spirits on the
UWS and was disappointed. Service was rude and
a bunch of newer spirits (Tanqueray Ten for instance)
were nowhere to be found and shunned me when i asked
about it.

So if anyone can recommend anyplace... please do



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    1. re: Barb. H.

      Astor Wine & Spirits is located at Astor Place and Lafayette. Large store, free tastings , usually on Thurs and Fri. eves, Sat afternoon and monthly newsletter.

    2. Crossroads, 14th St. and 6th Ave.

      1. s
        Steven Stern

        Don't know if there is a single "best" liquor store--bouncing around between several seems the way to go. I've always been a fan of 67, but mostly for wine rather than spirits. Crossroads often has some interesting obscure stuff hidden behind the stacks of boxes, and Astor wins for ease-of-use and trend-motivated stock (hey, what is Tanqueray Ten, anyway?). Union Square Wines also has some good bottles you won't see everywhere.

        For the real obscure stuff, though, you've got to leave the borough. Mount Carmel Wines off of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is great for Italian amaros and liqueurs. There's a great huge place in Astoria, right by the 30th Ave. N stop, Grand Wines & Liquors, I think, that has an insane selection of sprits you've never heard of--Polish Tea Rum and Croatian Maraschino and several Portuguese aguardientes and more ouzos than you'll ever need. Great prices, too.

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        1. re: Steven Stern

          In Jersey try any one of the Circus Liquors - most
          of their stores are huge. The variety they stock
          is mindboggling. Buyrite Liquors, also in NJ,
          offers a respectable variety at pretty good prices.
          Best prices - Sam's Club in Freehold. They don't
          always have what you're looking for but you won't
          find less expensive liquor.

          1. re: christina z
            Jessica Shatan

            Buyrite is also in Manhattan, in fact there's one a stone's throw from Astor Wines and Spirits, over on B'way.

            1. re: Jessica Shatan

              Is Buyrite the the warehousy place at Broadway and Astor, next to the parking garage? If so, I buy wine there quite frequently and have never been disappointed.

              1. re: Jeremy
                Steven Stern

                I think that warehousey place is called, um, "Warehouse." I think they may be part of the Buy-Rite chain, though, so we may all be talking about the same place.

                I -have- been disappointed with the wine there, several times. You've got to be really careful: there are some great deals to be had, but often they don't store their wine well--I've gotten a few dried-out corks. Also, they love to sell should-be-drunk-young wines that are way over the hill--nothing worse than a six year old beaujolais. Make sure to look at vintages on everything.

                Great prices on your basic liquors, though, and a nice champagne selection.

                1. re: Steven Stern
                  Jessica Shatan

                  Hi Guys...
                  I walked by there today and it is now just call "Warehouse" with no sign of Buyrite or the yellow and black logo or anything.

                  1. re: Jessica Shatan

                    As far as I'm aware, it's been Warehouse for the five years I've lived here. There'a a Buyrite on Third Ave. between 28th and 29th; it's *very* small, so it doesn't have an extensive selection, but the prices seem good. It's nothing more than a neighborhood shop, though.

                    1. re: Caitlin
                      Jessica Shatan

                      That's the problem with living in one city for 36 years!! It all blurs was probably Buyrite for about 5 minutes in 1978 or something!

                      1. re: Caitlin

                        Actually, the Buy-Rite on Third Ave. between 28th and 29th has the best selection of Long Island wines in the city... plus a surprisingly good collection of name Bordeaux at decent prices. Feels and looks like a crappy wine shop, but look closer.

                        Their selection of spirits, on the other hand, is nothing to write home about.


                        1. re: Patrick A.

                          You're right, they do make a point in their window signs of touting their Long Island selection--I think I've even seen them advertise tastings, though where they'd fit them in that tiny, crowded space is beyond me.

          2. I like the liqour store that is in Chelsea Market...they are very nice, and have received excellent and accurate reccomendations from them.