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Apr 11, 2000 07:01 PM

Best Caesar Salad

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I'm looking for a good Caesar salad. I've been looking for a few years now, and I just can't find it. I'm starting to think that what I want only exists in sweet memory.

I'm looking for crisp romain, crunchy croutons, a bit of anchovy, and a dressing that's heavy on the garlic, creamy - without dairy.

Does this exist? in lower manhattan?

Thanks for the help.


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  1. Well it's a bit of a drive from Manhattan (~120 miles or so) but there is a truly spectacular Caesar Salad at 88 Charles Street, in Montgomery, NY.

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    1. re: Jeremy

      The kosher restraunt Le Marais in the theatre distrcit has a great caeser salad with chicken, so it must not have any dairy. Pretty good.

      1. re: ross
        Rachel Perlow

        A caesar salad at a kosher-meat place definitly wouldn't have any dairy. But, parmesean cheese is necessary to an authentic caesar salad. I think the original poster meant no-dairy in an "it shouldn't be creamy from dairy, but from the emusified coddled egg yolk" sense rather than a "no dairy, I'm lactose intolerent" sense.

        Also, in regard to the anchovy, I know I heard recently (TVFN's "Good Eats"?) that the inclusion of anchovies is a fallacy. The original salad used worchestershire sauce, which includes anchovies in its ingredients.

        For those who are fat/cholesterol/raw egg phobic, here's a simple recipe for mock-ceasar salad that tastes amazingly authentic (esp. if you freshly grate real parmesean cheese):

        two Tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (generally one whole lemon's worth)
        two T. soy sauce (use good stuff, not leftover take out packets)
        freshly ground black pepper to taste
        grated parmesean (2 T or more depending on diet & taste)

        Whisk the liquid ingredients together and toss with romaine & baked croutons (check out the garlic in bread discussion from last week), and any other veggies you feel like adding (like tomatoes or other kinds of lettuce) and then toss with pepper & cheese.

        1. re: Rachel Perlow

          the best caesar salad i've ever had is at Carmine's in the Thatre District

    2. Scott- This very issue (April6-13) of Time Out NY has an entire article on, none other than, Caesar Salad. Whether or not you respect their opinion is another issue but there is a fair amount of information and a list of about a dozen restaurants serving it as well as a recipe. If you can't get your hands on a copy, they have a website. I haven't checked it to see if the entire article is online but you can go and see.


      1. Scott- Sorry, but I looked online for the caesar salad article and it wasn't there. I do have right in front of me the magazine with the article. I hope you can locate a copy. If not email me and I'll send it to you.