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Apr 11, 2000 12:26 PM


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After a number of posts on the general board regarding this topic, I'd like to know which places people consider the best for banchan. Thanks.

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  1. Anybody been to Choga lately? It's on that ghastly block of Bleecker street by Macdougal, upstairs from, I think, Terra Blues. I haven't been there in a while, but nobody's mentioned this place, and I seem to remember the banchan (and other stuff) there being pretty good. It's mostly patronized by Korean NYU students having sushi, but the other Korean food there is quite good, and looks better to me than the sushi.

    1. If you absolutely need to eat in a restaurant, I can't help you, BUT there is a good banchan deli on Northern Blvd. in Flushing (near Union Street) affiliated with a Korean dinner/catering palace over there. Their selection is good and changes often and everything is in tidy takeaway boxes so nobody gets their hands in it when they want to buy some (yuck), which is too often the case with banchan bars/Korean delis in Manhattan. They also sell the requisite Korean sweets too, although I've never had any anywhere in the 5 boroughs worth recomending (I stick with Chinese sweets). Peak selection is on weekends and cool stuff sells fast.

      1. I like banchans of Shin Jung(136-33, 37 Ave. Flushing/718-460-5026) for variety, Abb Goo Jung(10 West 32 St., 212-594-4963) for home style, and Cho Dang Gol(55 West 35 St., 212-695-8222) for tidiness.