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Jan 19, 2000 09:12 AM

Il Mulino

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I must talk about our dinner there last night. We've been there a couple of times, but haven't been back in a while. It is supposed to be the best Italian restaurant in NYC. Impossible to get a res. We got there at 8pm and weren't seated until 8:40. I was pissed. I was hoping the food was as good as I remembered. OH MY GOD. As soon as you sit down they give you food. Garlic bread soaked in olive oil. Salami. Eggplant. The waiter comes over with a HUNK of Parmesan cheese and a stake and pounds the stake into the cheese until a hunk falls off and puts it on your plate. This is before you even look at a menu. Then the waiter comes over and reads the specials, this takes 20 min. You're full before you even start. I ordered langostines appetizer. Everything is dripping in oil and garlic, so you have to like that. The langostines were incredibly delicious. Then I got the rack of lamb. EIGHT lamb chops arrived on my plate. I could barely eat one (I will have the leftovers tomorrow night, I can't wait.) My friend ordered pears for dessert. The waiter comes over with the pears and berries and whipped cream and he created the dessert before our eyes. I was in pain from being so full. I'm still full. It was amazing. Got home at midnight. Coma victim. Worth it.

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  1. Sharon, it's 10:30 in the morning and I'm sitting here salivating over your dinner! One thing you didn't mention was the cost of the meal. Can you give us a hint?

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      There's a reason I didn't mention it! Buco Bucks. $150/couple, one glass of wine.

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        Geoff Mattson

        My grandparents had their own Italian place in Queens, so forgive me for being a little prejudiced, but I went to Il Molino a few months back and was horrified! I love traditional Italian places, so was very excited for the meal. Yes, they give you a tremendous amount of free aps, but the rest of the food was truly disgusting. For me, food drowning in oil is unappetizing, they use an incredible amount of garlic, the pasta was way past al dente. But that is just my opinion. We still had a great time and the wait staff was excellent. But you could probably pick an Italian place at random and get better food.

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      Stephen O'Reilly

      I had nearly the same meal there about a year ago with my wife, and I still think about the delicious truffle risotto with langostinos. The rack of lamb was perfect. I was told by a friend to order the pear grappa after dinner, so I did. Very nice. Very expensive.