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Dec 20, 1999 08:47 AM

New Mexican Rest.????

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Anyone know a good New Mexican restaurant.
I want to take someone there for a special suprise dinner.
Real NM food is hard as hell to find.


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  1. I haven't really looked for NM food in NY, but in my limited experience Mesa Grill comes closest, although it's upscale and semi-pricey. But if anybody knows a place in NYC where they actually ask "Red or green?" please holler. My answer: "Christmas."

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      I have heard that Los Dos Molinos (from the Phx area)was going to open a location in NYC but have not heard anything regarding the timing. Please let me know how the food translates to the East coast if you make it there.

      1. re: JGiel

        Do a search on the main page for Los Dos Molinos or scroll down the Manhattan board. It's been open a while, and there have been a few posts about it.

    2. Fesones--we have a message board dedicated to discussing the Southwest...I'd suggest you post your query there (look around at previous postings there, too). You may also have more luck if you're abit more specific WHERE in NM you'd like to eat. It's a huge state.

      Also check out Jim's article on AZ and NM via the link below



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      1. re: Trisha

        Sorry I wasn't clear I meant in NYC.

        I want red & green...Christmas.

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          Not a restaurant, per se--actually, I don't much care for their prepared food--but the annex of the Bright Food Shop in Chelsea carries fresh Hatch chiles in season (which isn't now), decent tortillas, chihuahua cheese and Mark Miller's excellent line of jarred sauces from the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe--you can make your own green and red enchiladas in a snap.