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Dec 14, 1999 11:51 AM

Sicilian "olive in salamoia"

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Does anybody out there know where I may mail order "olive in salamoia"? They usually come in large glass jars. The contents are: green olives (of any size), water, salt, a couple of hot peppers, and wild fennel. The last ingredient is of key importance. Sweet fennel will not do. This is the traditional Sicilian (and Southern Italian) way of conserving green olives.

I am unable to get or to order "olive in salamoia" through our local merchants. What I can find is too heavy on the vinegar. Please help!

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  1. We made a batch up recently "a la Marchigiana", that is curing the olives with lye and plenty of changes of water. One can do so and add the fennel, etc... after the curing. Somewhere there is (haven't got it at the moment) a website from a winery selling fresh olives (now the season is over) which are ideal for such use. But be very very careful with the lye.

    1. seeing your name, I can't help but wonder......?

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        Donald Salvato

        I am not sure if they have them, but you might try D. Coluccio & Sons 1214 60th Street Tel.: 718-436-6700. It was a local place for me and still is for my parents. They import just about anything from Italy and I know they ship.