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Nov 11, 1999 10:17 AM

Shepherd's pie

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I'm looking for recommendations. Of my limited NYC samplings, my favorite is at Jimmy Walker's, a bar on 55th and 2nd. Followed by Tea & Sympathy (a few dollars more than the one at Jimmy's, not as good but a quieter place to eat). The shepherd's pie at Swift's looked like a Lean Cuisine (still in the plastic thingy) and tasted like it, too. I've also tried it at McGee's (55th and B'way/7th), but I don't remember it, so it was probably okay.

Any ideas where I try next?

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  1. A year and a half ago we had the worst shepherd's pie at the Landmark Tavern and haven't tried ordering it again there since.

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      But their Scotch eggs are fine, the roast beef pretty good, and the malt collection...

    2. molly's on 3rd and 22nd.

      also fantastic cheeseburgers (sauteed onions a must)

      1. You absolutely have to try Maggie's -- on like 48th and Madison -- love it and miss it, since I just moved back home to SF. Made a point to visit it last time I got back!