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Oct 14, 1999 04:14 PM

Cookie Cottage - a sleeper

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Anyone know about this place? Literally a hole in the wall on Worth Street between Broadway and Lafayette, and while I've tried lots of chocolate chip cookies, none have been as good (except maybe for Market's chocolate chip with a spoonful of peanut butter in the middle, but that's not fair). Cookie Cottage sells freshly baked cookies by the pound or individually: peanut butter w/chocolate chip, chocolate chip pecan, white chocolate macadamia, coconut pecan, butterscotch, chocolate w/chocolate chips, and my personal favorite, chocolate chunk - a bigger cookie with huge chunks of good quality semi-sweet chocolate that gets all over your fingers and seems to remain in half-melted state even when the cookie is no longer warm. The cookie itself is just salty enough to contrast against the sweetness, and I guess it's the amount of butter they use that makes them soft but a little caramelized-crunchy at the same time. If you've had better cookies, I'd love to know where - for me, not even Levain or Greenberg's can touch these.

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  1. I tried a handful today at about 5pm. Opinion: very good, but not great. The pecan choco-chip had wonderful, bitter chocolate, but the (ample) shortening tasted to me like margararine, not butter. The white choco-chip mac had a nice coconut subtext, but was too hard.

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      jonathan sibley

      Funny. I must have just missed you, as I tried them at about 3 pm (well maybe not "just"). I thought they were okay, but not great. Probably just a matter of different tastes. I didn't see any big cookies, just little ones. Although I haven't had one in a long time, the chocolate pecan cookies reminded me somehow of Famous Amos cookies, although softer in the center.