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Oct 14, 1999 08:47 AM

Good restaurants in California

  • j

I will be in San Francisco, Sacramento, Davis, San Jose, Palm Springs - any recommendations?

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  1. Hi Judith. I'm guessing that you're new to Chowhound (in which case, welcome) because your post in on the wrong board. "The Best" board--which is where you posted this message--is for eating in New York. There is a California board, which is where your message for non-San Francisco restaurants belongs, and a separate board for San Francisco. Click on the map for California and you will see these boards. Another suggestion is that before asking a general question about where to eat in these California locations, read all the previous information posted on these Chowhound boards about restaurants in these locations, and then ask a more specific question limited to a certain type of cuisine, a specific location within San Francisco, etc. As you will see when you read the San Francisco board, for example, there is already lots of information that has been posted on restaurants in San Francisco. You can also use the "search" function to see if there are any previous postings on Chowhound's California board for, say, Davis, as an alternative to scrolling through the entire board. Hope this is helpful.