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Sep 27, 1999 02:30 PM

best muffin

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If there is a better muffin in this city than the apple walnut muffin at Cupcake Cafe (39th and Ninth), I'd like to know about it.

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    susan stauber

    Hey Connie - How about the banana/poppy at Once Upon a Tart on Sullivan?
    And speaking of poppyseeds, can anyone recommend a really terrific poppyseed cake/bread/muffin? I like them dense. There used to be a wonderful place out in the avenues (Mary's @ 25thish) in SF that made a great "russian" bundt poppyseed cake.
    Have to admit I've never had the Cupcakes' muffins, since if I'm in weakling mode, I go for the oat donuts.